My tractor and I, Part II

Here's our shiny new John Deer 790 with the 50" tiller attachment.

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Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

you look very "happy" on that tractor-the hat is the finishing touch! Very cute!
"Plow On"

(Zone 5A)

That's a beauty of a tractor. My poor ole gal is stuck in the barn - barn door is still drifted shut :-(. They say Spring is not far behind but we've got more snow coming today....

Yeah, I bought the hat for Trish for Christmas 2 years ago, but I am the one who ends up wearing it all the time. It looks kinda funny, and I enjoy the looks I get when I wear it out in public. ;-)

Jacksonville, TX(Zone 8b)

See, Dave- I TOLD you that you needed to name your tractor!
Regarding the hat- Dave's not supposed to be seen in public wearing in, but hey, it gets the job done keeping out the cold :)


A name, huh? How about "Dave's Tractor"?



Jacksonville, TX(Zone 8b)

Oh, good grief!

See what I deal with here?!?!



Chatham-Kent, ON(Zone 6a)

I love the tractor where is the heavy duty front end loader ??? A must for saving the old back :) Rock On !!

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Dave, love it!! Counting down the hours 'till ours come in!!

Tomorrow you'll get it! Ya know, I wasn't really all that excited about the tractor until it actually was delivered and I realized the thing was real and I can get real actual work done with the beast.

Your excitement will increase at least 7-fold when you see your green tractor arrive in your driveway tomorrow! Make sure to let us know how you like it!


Valley Head, WV(Zone 5a)

If you are going to ride a tractor in cold weather you need carhart clothing. It's standard equipment with tractors here in WV. And Dave, no one would make fun of you either.

thanks for the tip, mamakane. It was actually 50 degrees when this picture was taken, but it was so windy I had to protect my ears. :)

Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

I'm not up on hats. Certainly an attention-getter. Does this particular type have a name? And yes, you've got to give your tractor a name! How old is it can I ask?

Elizabethton (Stoney, TN(Zone 6b)

How about: The mean green plowing machine.

Jacksonville, TX(Zone 8b)

No idea what kind of hat this is....It reminds me of the toboggins that Canadians wear. (at least they wear them in movies).

Tractor is an infant of only a couple of weeks old. Our neighbor laughed at Dave because Dave's '99 Toyota pickup got booted from the carport since the tractor's arrival.

I think "Green Bean" is a GREAT name for a tractor!


Trish - my truck is a 2000, not a '99'.

somewhere on a littl, NJ(Zone 6a)

LoL I love the hat, the tractor hey! green bean is what I was gonna say! and the landscape too. I'm a homebody and don't hardly ever leave NJ (and when we do it's only to PA lol) so I love seeing other places =o)

Joshua Tree, CA(Zone 8b)

Oh Man!!!! Would I love to have one of those. What a beauty. You know machinery is always named after women.And just like women you have to talk nice to her.My husband has a hunting hat I got him that is equally obnoxious, and embarassing.He threatens to wear it to take my daughter to school if she isnt good.Not that you are obnoxious, just like you said ,it gets a reaction.

Saint Louis, MO(Zone 5b)

I think the hat belongs to Elmer Fudd. It keeps his ears warm too.
"Shhh! Be very, very quiet. I'm hunting wabbits!" :-)

Lake Toxaway, NC(Zone 7a)

When do you have time to use that beautiful new toy? In fact, are you a full-time farmer. How about posting a biography?

Lykens, PA(Zone 6a)

Men and their "TOYS"! I am just jealous. Just kidding around. Wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed all the backing and forthing about the Hat and the Tractor. You have a great web site here. When do you have time to do all this and plow too?

I do this fulltime, so I spend my time the best way I can. While the weather is cold I'm inside working on DG. When warm, I'm outside working on the farm.

Today it's nasty weather so I'm inside. :)


Palmyra, VA(Zone 7a)

Dave - come on and tell the have a laptop on your tractor! LOL

Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

If you've got the full moon that we've got you can probably work outside in the evening too. It's incredible. Isn't this the time when the werewolves come out? Ooooo scary!

(Zone 5a)

Love the hat (smile) You do look happy and that is the first time I've seen a man smile while doing garden work, I ususally get a frown.

(Jan) So Milw, WI(Zone 5b)


Grantsboro, NC(Zone 8b)

I'm still jealous, I want a John Deere.

How does it run now?

I don't know; I sold it in Kerrville a couple years ago and bought a Kubota, which runs great! :-)

here it is

Thumbnail by dave
Grantsboro, NC(Zone 8b)

Now I am really really jealous I have a shovel and a hoe.

No wheels just elbow powered.


Brunswick, GA(Zone 9a)

How about the name "Sod Buster" for the J D, that name has been in lots of western movies. It's a great looking piece of equipment and some day i hope to have one.

Grantsboro, NC(Zone 8b)

I just want any one of the tractors I can get.LOL

Sod buster hum


Southwest , NH(Zone 5b)

Nice tractors, Dave! My DH loves his tractor, "Lydia", named after the wife of the first settler that broke ground here on our farm in 1763......Here's a photo of my DH and Lydia....

and by the way, Dave, you and your staff have done an amazing job with this website!! Class Act all the way!! Thank you!

Thumbnail by DonnieBrook

Thank you for the kind words!

Watertown, WI(Zone 5a)

Aw, I love Lydia! And the history behind the name, too.

My parents used to own a sod farm, and I used to help keep the sod mowed when I was a kid (started at about 12 or so). I had my own little gray Massey-Ferguson tractor and a set of gang mowers. My dad, for some reason, named my cute little tractor Motivator. :)

Now all I have is my little John Deere lawn tractor, which is old and abused. I call it J.D. Nobody else gets to use J.D. but me. lol

And I agree, Dave--this site and community are awesome!

Southwest , NH(Zone 5b)

Thank you, KaylyRed! I love your story about your cool! Old and abused but greatly loved! LOL

Lake Toxaway, NC(Zone 7a)

so as a serious farmer, what kind of crops do you grow?

Alstonville, Australia

Hi Dave, just found your site. Thought I'd send a few pics to you.
1st old caterpiller
2nd done up
3rd info panel

Thumbnail by hel
Alstonville, Australia

2nd Done up

Thumbnail by hel

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