Xeriscaping in NorthWest Florida

Pace, FL(Zone 8a)


I am just delving into the possibility of xeriscaping my acres of yard. In reading through the posts here I am not finding anything by anyone in my area. I am very interested in talking to someone who might be actively xeriscaping in the Pensacola area.

Thanks So Much!

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Hopefully someone will jump in and help you, I have to say though most of the people who hang out here regularly are from drier climates. So to improve your odds of finding someone, you could try starting a thread on the FL gardening forum too (if you haven't already), between there and here hopefully you'll find someone. If not, I'm sure there are native plant societies in your area which could be very helpful. Native plants are a great place to start when you're xeriscaping because they were around before people and sprinklers came around, so you know they can get by without too much supplemental watering.

Archer/Bronson, FL(Zone 8b)


I'm here. Got a job recently so have a lot less time looking around Dave's.

Where is Pace? I live out in the Sand Hills of Levy County, SW of Gainesville.

We are in drought right now, so it matters not what the humidity is, when it doesn't rain, it's hot and the sand is dry. That being said, I will pitch in here and agree with Ecrane about the natives.

Find the ones that grow naturally in your specific conditions. Keep in mind that 15 miles from here (Williston) many areas are so low lying that the water table demands above the ground septic tanks. My place on the other hand, perks well, the heavy rains never stand in a puddle on my land. But I don't want to spend my life and my money maintaining my well pump from overuse.

I have a book that Darius gave me last year called "Native Florida Plants" Low- Maintenance Landscaping and Gardening. Written by Robert G Haehle and Joan Brookwell. I refer to this book frequently when choosing new plants to bring in.

Your County extension office will be able to tell you what natives grow best in your area.

If you are not far from here, you might consider coming down for the roundup here next Saturday. Take a look here: http://davesgarden.com/forums/t/690971/

Many of the people attending live here in the area and can offer much information on xeriscape gardening. You may find it very enlightening, get plants to take home and meet other gardeners here from Dave's.


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