Can I save my strawberry plants?

Toronto, OH(Zone 6a)

I had ordered strawberry plants and they arrived this past Saturday. Upon opening them I find broken new growth and most of the plants have slimy brown strands on them. I called Park's Seed, where I ordered them from, and they assured me they would be replaced immediately. Sorry for the problem, etc. They did say someone would call me back, as I was not sure if I could save any of the plants by cutting off the bad spots. A company rep called this morning, assuring me that if I planted them they should be fine, the rotten looking spots were normal.

Okay, I could have sworn good plants didn't have slimy dead looking leaves on them, but what do I know? Also, I was told to call back if they didn't survive, and THEN they would be happy to replace them! What happened to my replacement I was told I'd get in the first place? Can I save the plants I have? I've never grown strawberries before, so I'm in the dark here. I have the plants in a plastic bag, keeping the roots moist.Thanks.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Normal plants don't have slimy brown stuff on them, I would call them back and try again to get them to replace them (and make sure you report your experience with them in Garden Watchdog).

Depending on how bad the slimy stuff is you might be able to save them, I would pull off any leaves that are dead and slimy, then swish the plant and roots around in some diluted hydrogen peroxide, that should help kill off any remaining fungus, then plant them and keep them in a protected area and baby them until you start to see some new growth. And be really careful on the watering, they probably got the way they are by being watered too much so you don't want to stress them further by continuing that.

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