Heirloom poppies

Farmersburg, IN

I have recently received some oriental poppies from a friend that was from her mother's patch started in the 1920s. I also baught seeds from eBay called "Drop Dead Gorgeus" that claims to be of heirloom origin and rare as well. The oriental poppies are the common big orange flowers and the eBay mix is somniferum lancianatum(spelling?) and has red,plum,purple,lavender,white, and bicolor serated blooms. Has anybody out there had experience with this strain of somniferums? Just curious.

Greenwich, OH

Hello:the drop dead poppies and the lanciatum poppies you mentioned are annual poppies.The oriental poppies are perennial poppies.I always direct sow my poppy seeds in the late fall and they usually bloom around June for me.The oriental poppies started from seed, will usually take 2 yrs.to see blooms.Poppy seeds need a cold chill for the seeds to germinate in the spring.

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