Desert Rose

Sun City West, AZ

Can anyone please help me with the next growing stage of this plant?. I have grown it from seed. It has one stem about eight inches high with around fourteen nice leaves.., It is inside and I haven't a clue what next to do.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Sounds like you're on the right track, I would just keep doing what you're doing! It would probably enjoy being outdoors for the summer although you'll need to bring it back in for the winter. It likes it on the drier side so make sure you don't overwater.

Kwajalein, Marshall Islands(Zone 11)

Being in Arizona I would definately take it outside...just do it gradually, over several days to a week to let it get used to the heat. I have a lot of these beauties, and they really do like it sunny and warm. After it is outside on a regular basis, withhold water for a few days - let it get actually dry. Then water it real good. It will reward you with lots of beautiful flowers.

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Sun City West, AZ

Thanks so much for all the information

. It is in rather a small pot (the one I grew from a seed .) Shall I repot it? It is rather tall and it's base fills the top of the pot.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I'd have to see it to know for sure, but it sounds like it may be appropriate to repot. Make sure you only go up one container size--if it's in a 2" pot put it in a 4" one, etc.

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