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Queen Creek, AZ(Zone 8b)

Hi, I am new to gardening vegis. I had some peppers seedlings and tomato seedlings going inside, but I am worried that when I go to transplant them outside it will kill them. We currently have weather in the 90's and it is predicted to be in the 100's by the weekend. It is not unusual for us to have 110-115 degree weather. Should I have started earlier? or should I just stick to catus and scorpions? j/k

Alexander, AR(Zone 7b)

I'm new to this, too. But from everything I've read on the forums here - you should begin to "harden off" the seedlings. This means bringing the seedlings outside in their pots for a short amount of time each day. You harden them off by increasing the amount of time spent outside incrementally. Now I'm not sure what the time increments are. I assume you could start out with an hour outside, increase by 15 to 30 minutes each day until they're spending 8 or more hours outside. Like I said, I'm new to this, too. Hopefully you'll get some seasoned experts to answer the question more thoroughly. You might try looking at the tomato forum. there's TONS of great info there. What applies to the tomatos should apply to the peppers. Good luck!

Yuma, AZ

Hello! I'm in Yuma, AZ and I know what you mean! We are having a hot spell already here that doesn't make for a happy garden. I would offer some protection for those little fellas like shading during the hot part of the day and slowly adjust them to their harsh environment. As always, be sure to get veggies that are heat-loving because of where we live!


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