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weed killer

Glasgow, KY(Zone 6a)

can you recommend a good weed killer that won't kill my flowers ? i have gladiolus,bachelor buttons,alyssum,morning glory,- you name it, it got it.

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Augusta, GA(Zone 8a)

Nope, Those all fit in the categoy, broadleaf weeds. If you are using established plants you may have some luck with sprout inhibitors, like corn gluten.

Glasgow, KY(Zone 6a)

thanks. i guess i'll just have to wait for everything to bloom then figure out what the weeds are. everything i planted is growing so far.even after a 5 night freeze a few weeks ago,which i had to mulch all the beds, but so far not bad for a guy that lived on boats all my life & never tried before. p.s. i don't know what kind of bush it was in my flowerbed(4 actually) but it had wicked needle like thorns all over it & after dealing w/ all the splinters,even through heavy leather gloves, i got a bright idea- taking a torch to it before digging it up - diy garden tip of the day.

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Buffalo, WV(Zone 7a)

LOL, seagod, love your tip of the day! Don't know how far away you are but check out the Ohio Valley Gardening Forum. We're having a roundup/RU where all the local, or not so local, Dave's Garden people get together to eat, chat, pat dogs, hold babies, trade plants, give away plants, talk plants, eat plants...well veggies and herbs anyway! Join us June 2nd and you'll learn much about gardening and go home with more plants than you know what to do with! :~) As a beginner you won't even have to have plants to trade. We love luring others to join us in our addiction.


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