(djm906) Doris Morey

Belfield, ND(Zone 4a)

Doris Morey, known throughout DG as djm906, passed away April 26, 2007 at the age of 78.

Doris was a homemaker until her husband passed away in 1976. She then learned to drive, and entered the workforce for the first time. She worked in the Osco distribution center until she retired at the age of 69.

After retirement, Doris actively pursued her interests in family genealogy and gardening. Her daughter Deb says she always had a beautiful garden. She loved lighthouses, and they took may drives and vacations looking for lighthouses they hadnít seen. She took peer learning classes in American Short Stories and Astronomy/Quantum Theory at Northwestern University.

Always a great cook, she was happiest when there was someone to cook for. Her German Shepherd, Hosannah, is like a third child to her. She would bake cookies for her, and Hosannah would sit on the chair while Doris was mixing up cookie dough, and lick the beaters when she was done.

Doris loved Daveís Garden, and all the friends she met online and at the roundups she attended. She joined DG on December 31, 2000, and frequented many of the forums. She actively traded her seeds and plants with fellow members, and would go out of her way to make others happy.

Survivors include her daughter Deborah Peters, her son David Morey (wife Nancy), two grandsons, one granddaughter, and her German Shepherd, Hosannah.

Visitation is Sunday April 29 from 3 to 9pm at
G.L. Hills Funeral Home
745 Graceland Ave.
Des Plaines, IL 60016

Funeral Service is 10:30 on Monday April 30th, at the
First United Methodist Church of Des Plaines
666 Graceland Ave
Des Plaines

Thumbnail by Joan
Crossville, TN

What a beautiful picture of my wonderful friend!!!

Doris was such a caring person.....loved her family ...her church and Dave's Garden....

I could always count on her teasing me...or getting Horseshoe to tease me...about all kinds of things...and would brag about how much more chocolates she had than me or Elena had!! If either of us ate as many chocolates that we were accused of......boy!

I called her ":Maxine One"....she would call me "Maxine Two".....We thought we were each like Maxine!!

I will miss you so much my dear friend!!!

Jo, one of the 3 Fudgeketeers

(this picture was made at the Iowa RU)

Thumbnail by roadrunner
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

What a wonderful and funny lady!

she was so please to be in on all the fun in those days!
Oh the adventures and trouble we would get up to!!

She will be missed....

DFW area, TX(Zone 7b)

Doris sounds like an amazing woman. Wish I had known her.
God rest her soul.

Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

Doris was a bright lady with a witty sense of humor. She loved her friends and her gardens. Always quick to offer seeds or plants to a new gardener, she helped so many by giving them a start. Her impact on us stretches literally around the world, with her seeds growing in it's far corners, and giving enjoyment to so many people.

She embraced the internet with her typical enthusiasm, and discovered this group of like-minded people. She helped our community grow and thrive, and was a huge part in making Dave's Garden the respected resource that it is today.

I had the pleasure of actually meeting Doris in real-life, and she was exactly like I imagined her. I'll always treasure the memories of the Roundups that she was able to attend. We had such a great time visiting.....and eating. Doris loved good food, and Roundups were such fun for her. I always made a double batch of my special fudge. It was a special delight for her. I'll never be able to make it again without giving the bowl a special swipe with my finger and giving it a taste......while looking upward for her approval.

My dear friend Doris loved every living thing. From the smallest seedling, to the Earth itself, she left us, and it, better because she was here. It's a legacy I hope to leave someday myself.

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

I knew Doris through DG and had the pleasure of meeting her at the Kentucky Roundup a few years back. What a treat it was to just sit and relax with her, shoot the breeze. She was such a lively and fun woman! We had a good time talking about plants and, especially, pets. She was proud of Deb, her grandkids, and her granddogs! In her posts here, I was shown repeatedly just how resilient a woman she was; she faced a lot of struggles the last few years, but she always had a positive word for others. I'm gonna miss you, sweetheart.

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Crossville, TN

I had the privilege of meeting Doris 3 times in this life. And I look forward to meeting her again in Heaven.

On Dave's Garden...on slow gardening days....we would get into an "adventure"....usually started by our friend in Australia, The Wonder Down Under!! The last adventure we started while Doris was in the hospital...but we included her by posting for her. Deb could read the silly stuff and cheer her Mother up a little.

When we got the sad news that our friend was gone, I wrote this for her:

"Hey folks....I just found this note from DJM....wrapped around her boomerang....it says;:

Just a note to let you know that I have been called away on a very important assignment!! GOD has called me to be in charge of His Heavenly Gardens.....I will miss all of you and our exciting adventures....but when it is your time to join me I will welcome you with open arms!! Love & Hugs Doris

P.S.. Roadrunner...BRING FUDGE! "

Well....we will miss you our dear friend!! Watch over us all.

Love, Hugs and Prayers

Jo....The Roadrunner

(This picture was posted by her DD, when Melody sent Doris fudge in the hospital....J)

Thumbnail by roadrunner
Crossville, TN

I'm sorry about the picture....but I can't edit it. Jo

Newark, OH(Zone 5a)

There is nothing I can say that hasn't already been said by other Dave's Gardeners about Doris. She shared her light and beauty with everyone she knew, in a unique way that was especially what each one of us needed and enjoyed. To me, she was a lovely lady who was so sweet and positive even tho she was engaged in a battle with cancer. We talked about treatments and the future. When Doris was put on Coumadin she asked me about my personal experience taking it. It was good that she and I had our communications regarding health issues.

We spoke about family and how important our kids and their families (both two and four-legged) were to us. We shared memories of our pasts and concerns about our futures. We talked about our plants and gardening and hummingbirds, and the peace and wholeness we felt when we were in our Heaven on earth............our gardens.

Now Doris is in the most beautiful garden that anyone can ever imagine, and spending countless hours in that garden with the One Who created it with the intention that, some day, we will all know the fulfillment and wonder of sharing it with Him.

To talk once with Doris was to know her, and to know her was to love her. She never met a stranger. She was humble, fun, honest, humorous, optimistic, thoughtful, and serious.....whatever she needed to be at that point in time, in whatever conversation she was involved. She was a delightful woman, full of love and genuine concern for those she knew. And those she knew were full of love and genuine concern for her.

It hurt us to know that she was suffering and in ill health for such a long time. It is difficult to grasp the constancy of her medical problems; the never-ending complications she endured. Still her dauntless spirit persevered. Even when she was unable to communicate with her loved ones who were with her, I know that beyond the shadow of a doubt, she was engaged in communication with her Heavenly Father, whom she loved so dearly. And He was reassuring her and giving her peace and assuring her that everything was going to be alright, and telling her how much He loves her.

Doris is in her eternal home, and all of us who love her have a piece of her in our hearts that will always be with us. She lives in each of us thru our precious memories of her and the beauty she added to our world, as well as the enrichment she added to our lives. Now our thoughts and prayers are for her daughter, her son, her grandchildren, her daughter-in-law, her beloved canine companion, and the rest of her family and friends who are missing her. We pray for our Heavenly Father to surround you with His angels, fill you with His peace, hold you in His arms and speak to you words of His love for you and the promise that, some day, you will be with Him for all eternity............and Doris is there now.

I love you, Doris.



Crossville, TN

Beautiful, Cathy!! Jo

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

There is certainly not a whole lot more to say than hasn't been said above, and it sure has been said to perfection!

I met Doris at the Ky Roundups...and it's true, always a smile on her face and a mischievous twinkle in her eye! (Especially when she was plotting something against Roadrunner, usually pertaining to chocolate or fudge!)

With a heart of gold and the art of Caring down to perfection she was quite a treat to be around. Aren't we all blessed to have so many good memories of her?

What a fine ride she had through world of Life, and picked us all up as friendly hitch-hikers, and we got to ride along with her for many smiles.


So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Ahh, I'm so saddened but also happy that she's no longer suffering. We'll meet again.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Beautifully said shoe as always!

-South Central-, IL(Zone 6a)

I did not know her. I guess Dave's has gotten so big, that we can't all know each other any more, especially on the level that you all knew Doris. She sounds like my sister, who has also passed. She would meet everyone on the level that they were on, love them just as they were, and always make a dear, dear friend. As someone said above, to know her was to love her. When she passed there were So Many people at her wake and funeral. I am sure that is what Doris' family has experienced, all those who loved Doris So Much! What a wonderful, special, legacy.

You all have eulogized her beautifully. And I'm like Darius, I will meet her some day. That's just something/someone else to look forward to. When we go to the Garden, Doris will be there.

Maben, MS(Zone 7b)

Doris was the greatest lady anyone that didn't have the pleasure of meeing her missed a real JEWEL.


Middle, TN(Zone 6b)

I just found this thread and am overcome by all that I have read. You have all expressed so beautifully the same feelings that all those of us who knew and loved her feel so deeply. I can't think of anything else to add other than the fact that I look forward to seeing her one day soon and enjoying God's garden with her for an eternity.

Wonder if we will have fudge in heaven that we can sit and enjoy together...... Just picture djm, roadrunner and me sitting on a fluffy cloud in God's garden eating fudge! That brings a smile to my face when I write it. We will see you again, Doris.

Crossville, TN

If there is chocolate in heaven....she'll snif it out and share with us.....Jo

Middle, TN(Zone 6b)

Won't we have fun?

Ewing, KY(Zone 6a)

I can't say more than what's been said above. Doris was a great lady she always had a smile on her face and she made me laugh so much with her tricks on roadrunner. They had an ongoing battle that if you didn't know them you would think they hated each other. That was not the case at all . It was all in fun and Doris loved getting something over on roadrunner. They had a constant fight over chocolate and especially Melody's fudge. That was a major war. Doris loved her family and the dogs. She loved to laugh and have a good time. She was such a pleasure to be around. I am so glad I got to meet her. She fought a long hard fight and I know she is at peace now. We will all miss her.

Tulsa, OK(Zone 7a)

She was a wonderful mother, grandmother, friends to so many everyone loved her. beautiful smile to.. She is now smiling down on all her friends..

Toadsuck, TX(Zone 7a)

Loved ya babe............rest in peace.


Crossville, TN

Welcome Home, Jerri....glad to see you. Jo

Crossville, TN

I knew that today would have been Doris' birthday...but it was a shock to see her name listed on the BD list today....I didn't know her subscription had not run out......so I sat here and re-read all the posts to this thread....and remembered how much I loved her!! Jo

Middle, TN(Zone 6b)

Yes, Jo. I was thinking about her today. She has been on my mind a lot lately since we have been planning the soon to be KYRU.and joking so much about chocolate.

Newark, OH(Zone 5a)

I enjoyed talking and laughing with Doris. She was special/ She will be missed at our KRU but part of her will be with us.

Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

A timely update for those of you who are following our efforts to honor our friend...

The lady at Doris' church has finally got the ok to purchase a bench and a plaque in her name. I sent her the money last week finally.

This has been an 'all summer' project...but finally happening. I held all funds and didn't cash anything until I had something finalized...it would be easier to return them in the event that it didn't happen...but I can be happy to say that the bench is going to happen, and I've cashed the checks.

She said that the bench would be outside under the stained glass window with evergreen bushes surrounding it...sounds perfect.

Said that we'll get a picture of it as soon as it's all in place that we can post here.

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Oh, Doris...I sure miss her posts and will miss her in Kentucky. I'm glad to hear that bench is a happening - that's great!

I was looking at some old KYRU pictures and ran across this one of Doris oohing and aahing over a plant she'd just gotten...

Added: Stacey (Floridian) wrote something to me regarding this photo the day we headed down to the 2007 KYRU this month. I know she'll not mind my quoting her. She said she'd been thinking about that Roundup and the moment she gave Doris the plant she was holding. She remembered talking with her, seeing Doris' expression as she felt the leaves' texture and remarked about the color of the foliage.

That image, you see, is the very image that Stacey's carried in her mind. How neat that I was granted the opportunity to capture a photo of that same moment so others who loved Doris could share in it? I was so touched to read Stacey's words and to realize the timing of that photo. That's Stacey's blue and white sleeve there; she's facing Doris as she ooh's over that plant. :)

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Thumbnail by gardenwife
Middle, TN(Zone 6b)

Thanks for that great picture, Kimberly. I have saved it in my picture collection.

Payneville, KY(Zone 7a)

I have been thinking about Doris today, as well.

I tried to get Dave to put a flower or something next to our departed members way back when we started the memory garden, so that we could remember that today would have been a birthday for someone we loved so much. Dave, if you read this.......please consider this. I always feel a pit in my stomach when I see someone's name in the birthday list that is no longer with us.


Newark, OH(Zone 5a)

You are so right about that Kathy. I second that, Dave.


So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Me, too. It's very disheartening to see someone's name on the list knowing that they are no longer with us.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Melody, thanks for the update. I am so glad that something will be placed in her memory at her church. She was well loved, and I consider myself to have been honored to have met her and loved her.

Braselton, GA(Zone 7b)

Doris was one of my first trades! I sent her some Red Jacob Cline Monarda and she sent me some wonderful nastursium seeds. She was a very sweet lady and I have missed her very much! Bless her family as they remember her on her Brithday this month!

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

I updated the description I posted with her photo above. :)

northeast, IL(Zone 5a)

Thank you all for everything you have done in mom's honor.

The bench has finally been set up at church. There was a brief notice in the monthly newsletter that it was coming, and when I drove by the church last week, I saw a bench in front and had to stop. It is sitting on the front lawn under a huge old tree, facing the front doors of the church. Mom would have known what kind of tree, (I'm not good with tree names).

In past summers (before air conditioning) on hot summer mornings, the minister would hold Sunday services on the front lawn under that tree. Mom always especially loved the outside services. Folding chairs for those services would be set up right in the area of this bench, and she never missed a Sunday there.

Thank you all for doing this, it means more to me than you could ever know.


Thumbnail by momcat
Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

I just got a notice the other day that the bench had been placed. I've just been so covered up that I haven't posted the news.

The lady told me that the bench was teak and should last for a very long time.

Doris would have loved the location!

Middle, TN(Zone 6b)

She might just be looking down on that bench and enjoying knowing it is there. She was a such a special person and I am so glad that beautiful bench is finally in place in her memory.

Crossville, TN

That is wonderful! And just in time for me and Doris to sit under the tree and talk while we celebrate our September Birthdays...Topic of conversation? Chocolates, of course...and maybe some gardening.

Angel Doris! I love you. Jo

Toadsuck, TX(Zone 7a)

I love you too Doris, you were and are still a special angel to me. Sit and watch and enjoy the chocolates and the fruitcake.


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