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Ribbon grass

Texas/Okla central b, United States(Zone 7b)

just got some in a lovely trade...don't know a darned thing about it where to plant. , temps, height and width, invasive?....I checked plantfiles and couldn't find anything......My thought are around a natural pond, but I need advice from the grass group

Great South Bay, Lon, NY(Zone 7a)

Phalaris arundinacea, AKA Ribbon Grass or Gardener's Garters. It one of the oldest ornamental grasses.

It likes partial shade, and wet fertile soil, but will tolerate dry conditions when established. The species can reach 5' in perfect conditions, but many cultivars are more compact. Width is infinite, as it spreads by rhizomes. Some of the cultivars are less invasive, but they can all spread pretty agressively.

Jefferson, GA(Zone 7b)

Ribbon grass is definitely invasive from what I hear. You may want to put in a barrier or bury the pot or something first. I just ordered another invasive grass. I am not sure exactly how deep the barrier has to be but you definitely want to keep in confined. I talked to another member about this grass and they said the stuff will take over if you let it. I am trying to solve my problem with my grass before I even get it so it won't take over and will stay put. You lucked out though. They don't even sell that stuff around here commercially. I tried to buy some cause I like it and the nursery told me that they just don't carry it because it it so common. I wish I could find it around here so I didn't have to pay to have it overnighted from somewhere else.
Anyway, here is the plantfiles page for it.

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