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Brugmansia leafs


Just recieved some leaves in the mail today...Boy was I impressed with the one. Apparently a flava hybrid. I have sanguinea and vucanicola growing here and I have seen the arborea in person. From all appearances this is either a sanguinea or a flava hybrid for sure. If its that white flower that I saw the picture of then there is no doubt in my mind that its a flava. A sanguinea leaf came in a bit mushy but none the less impressive as well. Very healthy. Boy do I envy you guys up north. Personally, I would cross that flava to an arborea and trade the seeds a seedpod down to someone in zones 8-10 so a more heat hearty red could be breed, but you guys have a good chance of creating some nice cold hearty hybrids up were your at none the less. Needless to say, I would be focusing on heat tolerance and speed of growth with a hybrid like that and worry about color a bit later. Ahh, you lucky Canadians. At anyrate, I recieved another one or two that are a bit too small to say anything for sure about them-not small in length mind you-just need the leaves to grow out a bit. Ahh, I was so impressed I went out and started counting my seed pods in the yard-just 20+ this year in this yard. That cold 18 degree freeze really hurt my seed production this year and all of the seed I was going to plant was frozen last year...Ahh, life goes on. I still havent gotten to the other site I grow Brugs at, but I know I have a few developing there as well. Not to mention seedpods on my own hybrids. Needless to say, I won't be getting the ussual number of seeds this year...Just means I will have to plant and raise more of my crosses and be less selective at the seedling stage. Who knows, perhaps I'll get more luck that way. Either that, or I'll beg Gloria for some of her luck and a few of her hybridizing secrets. Hmm, time to set some more seed pods to my aurea hybrids for sure. Too many pink suaveolens and Isabella seedpods this year. I was thinking, Perhaps I should take a few pictures of some seedpods, of course only if folks here would be interested in seeing what a few seedpods on Brugmansia look like. Of course, some of you Brug growers and hybridizers with Digital camera's would be better qualified than me to try to get some pictures. Ack, you have already seen a few of my pictures ...Culebra-taken by me with Arlene's Camera. Not the best at taking pictures I know, but I try....Enough rambling. Time to go out and hybridize a few more flowers. The whole yard will be going into bloom at the same time in a few more weeks...Ahh, cold stay back....just a few more seed pods I'm hoping for.

Franktown, CO(Zone 5a)

I would love to see a seed pod. I have grown from seed but have never seen the pod. Please do post a picture.

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

I would love to see your yard in bloom!!! and a seedpod too:)

North Vancouver, BC(Zone 8b)

Which one? the on-steroids?

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