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Names Names I love chicken names

Antrim, NH

Well, since we've all got some many new chicks, thought it was time to talk about your favorite chicken names again. Here are my all time faves. Someone else is welcome to use any you want! Share yours.

Share the love.

Attila the Hen
Peeping Tom ( just thought of that one last night)
Artemis Fowl
Medusa ( turned out to be a roo, rechristened Me'Duder)
Sassypants ( DH named that one!)

I also have/had:
Winged Victory, Queen Elizabeth, Vidallia, Cleopatra, Hildegard, Butterball, Yuliana, Cumulonimbus,
El Dorado, Piccadilly, Ursula, Irene, Oona McCool and Savannah.

The new group is named Twinkletoes, Ariadne, Hippolyta, Ishtar, Siddartha, Sassypants, Peeping Tom, Amelia, Macadamia, Tuscany, Sahara, Amaretto and one not named yet! alsough, some may chnage if I get any better ideas. ( hint, hint)

I love chicken names! What do you name your chickens?
Mine are straight run ( mostly) this time, so I am trying to choose gender neutral names as much as I can.

Eatonton, GA(Zone 8b)

Well , Lets see, We all know CockleLooLoo, and there is Mama Barrrock, Paw Paw and Pawlonia, Popcorn and Pickles, Puff daddy and fancy Pants, the Japanese so far are, Happy Feet, Suna, Mijikai(midget),and Sushi.

Monticello, GA

My reds are Henrietta,,,Hortense and Hav-at-it.
Still gotta come up with the lorps names, but they all look the same and are not as friendly as the reds.
The araucannas are the only ones that are totally different.
They are arauhit,
and araumiss.
Get it? ...Hit and miss.

Fowlerville, MI(Zone 5b)

Well, in my coop we've got...

Lucy & Ethel (Ameraucanas I got for Mother's Day last year, which started my whole "life with chickens" experience.)

Eunice & Harriet (Rhode Island Reds who are like two nosey sisters - always sticking their beaks in, wanting to see what I'm doing when I'm outside.)

Betty (A Frizzle who runs around like the sky is falling.)

Miss Scarlet (Millie Fleur who has gone broody on me.)

...And before he went to a new home, we had
The Colonel
(Millie Fleur rooster named after Colonel Sanders of KFC)

Claremore, OK(Zone 6a)

I can't remember who it was, but someone here on DG last year said they named all their roos "Food". She said she would call to them and say "Here Food, Food !
She said it made it easier, because they butchered all their roos.

I have an Amercauna with the tufted face. Her name is Fuzz-face.

We used to have a little tiny reddish blonde bantam hen. Her feathers were the same color as I remember my grandmother's hair. And she was so tiny, reminded me of how tiny my grandmother was, only 4'10".
Her name was Clementine, so we named the little hen Clementiny.

Antrim, NH

love them! I like when chickens are named after old fashioned lady names.

My mother had a few old aunts when she was growing up, and her chickens were named after them ~ Ethel, Irene, LindaLee, Hattie, Mabel and one incontinent chicken fondly refered to as Bad*ss. ( She always had a very dirty butt)

Claremore, OK(Zone 6a)

How funny.

My mom had an old aunt that was on the ornery side during the days of prohibition, (her younger years) she was a 'flapper' and had quite the reputation in the family. She ran around with a bunch of people who were involved in bootlegging liquor. The family used to refer to her as
"Dirty Gertie", as her name was Gertrude. We named our naughty brahama hen Dirty Gertie, after her. Although our Dirty Gertie never had a chance to cause quite the scandal the aunt did. She did eventually run off, and join up with our back neighbors flock. Maybe they were a little faster crowd........The name was a perfect fit after all.

Salt Lake City, UT(Zone 6a)

The cast...

Cleopatra - Americauna
Athena - Bantam - blonde feather legged
Sophia - Americauna
Tanis - Bantam - black feather legged

The crew.....


BYH - you also have a is it Great Minds think alike or is it Simple seldom differ........I'm going to go with GREAT! Just because I am in such good company. Otherwise, well lets just say I don't have delusions......

Monticello, GA

Yep!!! Glenda,,,these reds of mine are a nosey bunch too! Great birds though.,,Very friendly and curious...The first that I got ,,so they are my faves!

Thumbnail by turkeybeard
Antrim, NH

MQN I'm loving the name Tanis. Nice. I think Osiris would be a good roo name.

Fowlerville, MI(Zone 5b)

Turkeybeard, if my two RIR were human, they would be telephone operators who would listen in on your phone call and then gossip around town about all the juicy news they heard. They really (can't) keep their beaks out of anything going on in the yard. Nosey busybodies....

They are MY favorites too! ;)

Monticello, GA

Glenda,,,sounds like maybe you used to be an operator,,lol, just kidding. Do they follow you around all the time , too?

Antrim, NH

My flock has taken to following me around the yard. LOL, it's so funny! My worst gossipers are the silver laced wyandottes. They never shut up and they like to follow you around and make comments, but are super skittish about being touched.

Fowlerville, MI(Zone 5b)

Oh yeah... They "shadow" me now and then. They also go in the garage while my DH is working on his grandfather's tractor and look over his shoulder too. .....He loves that. (Not really) ;)

It's just the way they hold their neck and head when they're being nosey. ...How can I explain it? ...I got it - you've seen commercials on TV where a man is sitting in a coffee shop or airport and he's working on his lap top. Then the guy next to him ever so slightly leans and stretches his neck a little so that he can see what's on the lap top screen? That's exactly how the RIRs do it when they're being nosey. ....Makes me laugh every time! ~:>

Robertsville, MO

Do you lady's have any other names???
I have 6 barred rocks still have to name any ideas???

Monticello, GA

I am no certainly no lady! But could possibly come up with a name or two.
Surely I can!!! And don't call me Shirley!
Roxxanne comes to mind... or roxxy...or maybe barb..or 'bout barrock obonination... sorry , going off the name pool edge.... I know, just call them as a group,,,
The Rockettes!
Shirley!!! I need another drink, honey!

Fowlerville, MI(Zone 5b)

You could pick 3 famous duos, like...

Laverne & Shirley
Wilma & Betty
Fonzie & Richie
Lone Ranger & Tonto
....You get the idea. :)

Fowlerville, MI(Zone 5b)

Or.... If you're an American history buff, you could name them after our first 6 "First Ladies":

MARTHA (1) - George Washington
ABIGAIL - John Adams
MARTHA (2) - Thomas Jefferson
DOLLEY - James Madison
ELIZABETH - James Monroe
LOUISA - John Quincy Adams

Robertsville, MO

Thank you ,,
Turkbread you make me smile and laught to brighten my day ..
I like Roxxy,Elizabeth..
Thanks any more???

Eatonton, GA(Zone 8b)

Excuse me, Turkeybeard! Ahem , Now we all know what the name is of My Mama Barred Rock , dont We????? I kinda thought Mama Barrrock , was kinda cute! ( Sniff, sniff)

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I could have said she was from Alabama,and named her" Mama Barrrock Of 'Bama"

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Salt Lake City, UT(Zone 6a)

I like the comedian Eddie Izzard at one point I was planning to name them Eggie & Gizzard but my ladies are too pretty.

Smithville, Canada

We had a pair of Barred Rocks and the kids called them Salt 'N Pepper. Our roo, who's a cross between a RIR and a Harco Black, they call Cajun.

Robertsville, MO

to cute lololo....
what about bonnie and clide???

Monticello, GA

MQN,,If you name them after Eddie izzard,,you might want to dress them in drag from time to time,,,Don't know how you would go about that, anyway! Maybe a tiara , or some feaux feathers draped over their necks,, or hey! maybe some fishnets on their legs....LOL

Antrim, NH

If you had a bunch of roos and one hen) that you were planning to get rid of, you could name them after all the presidential candidates and as they drop out, or get the axe, one might say?? you could eat them! then whoever wins the presidency gets to stay alive.

Fowlerville, MI(Zone 5b)

BackyardHen, that's a BRILLIANT idea!! I laughed outloud! There could be a victory party and everything! ~:>

Shenandoah Valley, VA

Okay, I wasn't making a political statement here. LOL With a first name like Barack, it fits.

Fowlerville, MI(Zone 5b)

That's OK! I got it! It was a good one! :)

...The folks on DG are so cleaver. :)

Fowlerville, MI(Zone 5b)

..........I mean, clever!!!!


Antrim, NH

and sometimes cleaver! That's why I only do egg hens. I don't want to be any more cleaver than I have to be! lol.

Fowlerville, MI(Zone 5b)

BYH, you're a hoot!! LOL ...nothing like a Freudian slip.

Hey, there's a name for a roo - Sigmund! Or you could call him Siggy for short...

Antrim, NH

My husband just suggested Valkerie.

You could name a Cuckoo Maran Miranda!

Or a barred rock Bridget Bardot

Hastings, MI(Zone 5b)

My original pair of Dominiques, they are Mr. and Mrs. Bocker.

my geese are known collectively as "the Weeders".

Pekin ducks are group named as a team "The Kwispy Kwackers".

We are finishing off 48 meat birds, down to corn and scratch and
low pro feed now. another 2 weeks.

I have 100 meat chicks coming soon. I ordered a custom mix from
our mill, the cost is $78.56 for 500lbs! and thats for the 22% non

I think my egg-girls are starting to lay smaller eggs. Are they going
down the path of smaller and smaller eggs and then stopping?
Or is this just a phase? I thought the elder chickens laid the larger

I love chicken names

Fowlerville, MI(Zone 5b)

You know, WigglyPaw...

You could collectively name your 100 MEAT chickens, hens & roos, "Gloom & Doom". ;)

Robertsville, MO

wigglypaw, it is a phase that they are going throw..
Love th names any more come to mind?

Antrim, NH

Oh I could name chickens all day.

Stilwell, OK

My chickens are named.........

Daisy,Duke, Red Sox, Angel, Maui, Getog(chicken in Cherokee), River. I still have babies to name. Please give some suggestions!

Luther, MI(Zone 4b)

My roos are named Rocky (RIR) and Bruno and Clyde (BAs) and no, I wouldn't name him Bonnie. Although I once knew a 300# male police officer named Bonnie.

I have also had chicks named Cookie (Buttercup when I was a kid), Trouble (Aracauna) and Grinch (RIR)

This message was edited Apr 2, 2008 7:20 PM

Easton, KS(Zone 5b)


I have 24 babies, 23 of whom need names! My grown up and laying hens are Helga, Brownie, Ruby and Pebbles. My big rooster is Rocky and my bantam white crested black polish rooster is Satchmo. He is in separate living quarters because Rocky wants to kill him.

The only chick I have named so far is Polly - she lost an eye the first day I got her when the brooder lamp fell down. So I thought of pirates who wear patches over one eye and their parrots - so she is named Polly. She is doing just great, by the way.

What's really funny is I bought all these chicks and I have no idea what kind they are! They are all the big laying hen breeds, but that's all I know!

I also have two nameless ducklings!

I love your names!

Antrim, NH

I just love chicken names. I do try to name them something either grand or fussy, as chickens tend to be both.

I now also have General Tso Chicken. You could have Spicy Chicken or Sesame Chicken, too...

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