Maytag dishwasher recall...hazard

Phoenix, AZ

I was alerted to this problem from discussion and chat forum.
Maytag dishwashers of certain SN and model are recalled due to fire hazard related to rinse liquid.
I have one of the recalls appliances. (issue is break the circuit to the dishwasher to avoid fire)
IF you can get through the telephone (1-800-675-0535) menu (I haven't succeeded) you can arrange for an in-home fix or you can opt for a $75 after purchase rebate of a Whirlpool, Jenn Air, Kitchen Aide or Maytag dishwasher replacement. The phone option is not working for me... I get cut off at the end of the menu. 5 minutes.
I don't intent to purchase any of these dishwashers because they are obviously flawed PLUS the phone is not working!!!!!. Gonna buy something else - maybe a Miele.
BUT, has anyone out there engaged in this fiasco/recall?
Thanks, Susie

West Pottsgrove, PA(Zone 6b)

Here are the model and serial numbers involved in the recall:

Niagara Falls, Canada

Just wanted to let you know- don't give up! I called for weeks ( I could get through ) and was told my part was coming each time. Finally, after 6 weeks the guy told me the part was not available for my model and I would be getting a brand new dishwasher instead. I had the choice between 2 models. They are installing it tomorrow morning. My sister in law is having the same nightmare but she hasn't been offered the new dishwasher yet. I think it will be happening soon for her. Anyway, again don't give up on them.

Cypress, TX

Im a service tech and I have ran 100s of these repairs for this service flash your your best bet is to take the $75 and not the other 2 options your d/w is at the end of its life cycle.

Phoenix, AZ

Thanks srtech. My Bosch is being installed tomorrow. They are hauling the Maytag. Sure have seen alot of advertising of Bosch products on TV since this Maytag and the GE recalls. I don't know if one is any better than the other, really.
PS- my experience purchasing the Bosch at EXPO (Home Depot company) was not great. BUT, I'll have a new dishwasher.

Poughkeepsie, NY

this is my letter about maytag and Sears not fixing the problem from the start
I am writing to let you know, the dishwasher that has always given me trouble from day one
Now has a recall.
I purchased a maytag Dishwasher because the commercials sold me on the reliability of maytag.
From day one the jet dry was going on the dishes as they were drying.
I had sears come out they kept telling me nothing was wrong. Now to find out this problem has been the cause of fires, I let Sears know I was not please that they told me back when It was new nothing was wrong with the dishwasher that could have cost me my house if I kept using the jet dry. I called sear, they put all the blame on the maytag people taking no responsibility for the service men they sent. (the ones that said nothing was wrong years ago). It is bad enough my kmart stocks are worth nothing but now, My loyalty to sears is down the tubes too.
thank you Amy Chicherchia 793 Freedom Plains rd Poughkeepsie NY 12603

Frankfort, KY

Whirlpool bought out Maytag and the product is not as good as it used to be.

Phoenix, AZ

I have the Bosch. Its very quiet,. I'm happy with it and I accomplished my goal of not buying one of the 4 offered in the rebate by Maytag. My shopping experience at Expo/HD was BAD. The guy who installed it was very nice, informational and stuck to his work. He said double-door Fisher Paykel, which was a consideration of mine, is not much appreciated by those who purchase it because you cannot adjust the racks for taller dishes. 25% in-home incident of repair.

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