Spring, TX(Zone 9a)

I have a hanging basket of New Guinea impatiens, orange, that lost all of its blooms within about a week or two of my bringing it home from the nursery. I have it hanging under a covered patio, where all of my other impatiens are flourishing. Could this mean that it's not getting enough sun? Or is there another common cause for impatiens suddenly losing all of their blooms? The rest of the plant still looks healthy and green, and I keep the soil moist. It's been "bloomless" for about 3 weeks now.

Or do some things bloom in cycles?

Any advice would be very much appreciated...


Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Sometimes when you transplant things from the pot they were in at the nursery to the pot they're in now, it stresses them a little and they lose flowers so that they can focus on growing some new roots. If they look healthy and if all your other impatiens in that area are doing well I wouldn't worry about it, the flowers will be back.

Weedville, PA(Zone 6a)

In addition to what ecrane has said...

Impatiens are one of my very favorite annuals (annual in my zone, boo-hoo-hoo). For New Guineas, try morning sun and afternoon shade (eastern exposure). Keeping them moist is great. If you can keep up with keeping them moist they can take more sun..but get them used to it gradually so that they don't burn. Impatiens will lose their blooms in too deep of shade. Also, remember to deadhead and fertilize on schedule. If they start to get leggy later in the season don't be afraid to pinch them back. Put the cuttings you've pinched into glasses of water on your window sill indoors, change the water every other day, and before you know it you'll have more plants! Once rooted just pot up into good potting soil. Oh, I *love* Impatiens!

You may also be able to over winter your New Guineas as house plants if they are annuals in your zone too. Treat them the same as you did outdoors, and each spring gradually get them used to going outdoors and the bright sunlight again.

Come back and let us know how things turn out!

Spring, TX(Zone 9a)

thanks so much ecrane and heathrjoy!
i will post pics when it blooms again...
heathrjoy, if you like impatiens, then you'll LOVE my orange-n-white striped ones and my red ones that are bloomin' like crazy right now...i'll try and send some pics this weekend...

Weedville, PA(Zone 6a)

Would love to see pics! What else do you have growing there?

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