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new zucs growing crazy I tell ya...

Carmichael, CA

Thought I would give some encouragement to anyone starting squash. These boogers were not even on the vine night before last and barely there yesterday morning...about the size of a pencil then...and now some are pushing 3" already. Zucs are EASY...these are planted in a half barrel with potting soil, good aged steer manure, bagged compost and an organic fertilizer called Foxfarm.

I plopped them in the barrel last week and plucked off a bunch of blooms because I was concerned the roots were not formed well enough to handle them all...and they are back in a week!

I have these planted next to some yellow crooked neck.

Now go plant!:)

Thumbnail by GiddyMoon
Carmichael, CA

another view

Thumbnail by GiddyMoon
Carmichael, CA


Thumbnail by GiddyMoon
Vicksburg, MS(Zone 8a)

Yep, they are easy. Squash was one of the things I always included in my kids gardens (always let both of them have their "own" garden when they were little). They are great for boosting your confidence! How's the rest of your garden doing?

Augusta, GA(Zone 8a)

Looking good.!

Vicksburg, MS(Zone 8a)

Great! My garden was almost a complete bust last year (drought did in almost all of it). But so far this year it's looking fantastic! Here's hoping we both get GREAT harvests!

Carmichael, CA

Everything is growing well! Which is surprising for me since I am great with kids and animals but plants...not so much. lol

I tend to get in the *easy* stuff to build my confidence but dang, a lot of stuff is growing great.

I just got home and went outside and they are even bigger,. I will probably take pictures every couple of days.

I even have cucumber buds now. lol

Vicksburg, MS(Zone 8a)

Good for you GiddyMoon! Growing stuff isn't as hard as some folks think. And I really enjoy working in my garden. I can lots of veggies from it every year too. Hubby won't eat cucumbers but I have a sweet pickle recipe he would almost kill for, lol.

Carmichael, CA


I would love to se the recipe...and any others you might have. I have a canning jar fetish and would love to put them to good use and I LOVE sweet pickles!

Vicksburg, MS(Zone 8a)

You got it--love to share. I use burpless cukes since they have fewer seeds. Here goes:

Crispy Sweet Pickles

25 to 30 small cucumbers
2 cups lime (calcium hydroxide)
2 gallons water
2 quarts vinegar
8 cups sugar
2 teaspoons whole cloves
1 teaspoon salt

Slice cucumbers about 1/8 inch (I make mine 1/4) thick. Dissolve lime in water and cover cucumber slices (enamal pot or pickling crock are best). Let stand 24 hours (using your hand, mix cucumber slices gently several times, bringing lime up from bottom of container). Rinse well. Let stand 3 hours in clear water. Drain. Mix well the vinegar, sugar, cloves and salt and pour over cucumbers. Let stand overnight. In the morning bring to a boil and boil 35 to 40 minutes. Fill sterilized jars to within 1/2 inch of top with cucumbers and syrup. Put on cap, screw band firmly tight. Process in boiling water bath 5 minutes. Yield: 10 pints.

NOTE: These pickles are excellent for dicing up into potato salad, tuna or chicken salad. That's one reason I slice mine 1/4 inch. Also, the thicker slices are less likely to break during the preparation process. Enjoy!

Carmichael, CA

Sounds very yummy...maybe once my confidence grows...I will try it ;)

Vicksburg, MS(Zone 8a)

I consider this one almost fool-proof. I've even gotten busy with work or kids and gotten off on the times (let one step go longer than called for) but they still turned out good.

Carmichael, CA

Well that is definitely nice to know.

I was raised by a single mom and being an only child, there was never mass cooking efforts needed in our house. lol

All the women in my family had huge gardens and canned, but I was not old enough, or close enough mileage wise to be there to learn. I have 2 aunts from other countries who kick butt in the cooking / baking department, but again, never around enough to learn the indepth baking....

My better half does 90% of the cooking ...I am spoiled. I can cook, just don't have to. LOL

I figured I had a choice...I can't crochet or do anything with string do to 5 cats and an Autistic son who has a strong string fetish, I can't quilt because I do not have the patience, I do not bake because heck, Marie Callendars makes GREAT pies...thank God my better half thinks so too. lol

I figured I had to learn ONE by the time I was 60...I picked gardening...and with gardening comes canning to make use of all my wonderful jars... I do I am sure I can learn this. lol

Vicksburg, MS(Zone 8a)

Oooohhh--lucky you!!! My hubby used to cook for a while after he and his ex divorced but he very quickly gave that up after we got married and he got a taste of my cooking (maybe that was not smart on my behalf?? LOL.) I had to learn to cook at age 12 because my mom went through a long period of being very sick. There were six of us so I got lots of practice. Hubby is quite fair about it though--he "cooks" about once a week (at one of the local restaruants, ROFL). He would love to take me more often but we are retired now and that puts quite a squeeze on the money (did I say money? What money, lol). But I really do enjoy the gardening and canning. It's a lot of work but so satisfying when you finally get to see all those pretty, colorful jars of food lined up on your counter while they are cooling off.

Carmichael, CA

I am lucky, he spoils me rotten and I know it. lol

I REALLY want to know what I am doing without having to look things up when it comes to canning, jelly, etc....I love seeing canned goods and homemade items as well. Someday I want to be able to grow and do it all myself as well.

While hitting estate / yard / garage sales every weekend, I look forward to the chance we will run across homemade items for sale. I love it when we go to elderly mobile parks and such. So many of them will have jellies, brittle, etc for sale..I always buy as much as I can...

one year I got jars of zuchinni jam...I have never been able to find it again and have never found a recipe..I have one jar left and I am not sharing. lol

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