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grub worms

want to plant a garden this year and we moved in in august of last year, so there was never a garden planted here before. today i rototilled up the area in back where we want our garden and there were grub worms in the soil after i worked it up. any suggestions on how to get rid of them

SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

I was told they are not your worse enemy, especially for a compost pile...they'll help turn your scraps, leaves, clippings into compost, so maybe, dig 'em up and toss them over into your pile (if you have one.)

Perth,, ON(Zone 5a)

curley, are they white chubby grubs? with yellow/brownish eyes?

If they are, they are best squashed.

They are the larva stage of a 'June' bug, and do damage to the roots of lawns/gardens.

If they are reddish brown 'dew' worms, they are good for the lawn

Kitchener, ON(Zone 5b)

I just bought a new house, and I have a LOT of grubs myself. I put them in a shallow dish and leave them out on the lawn. The robins find them very tasty, and appreciate not having to poke around the lawn for their meal.

SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

I see animal conservation is not running high on this thread....(smile)

Brimfield, MA(Zone 5a)

We use a spreader and use a product called "Grub-ex" and you can get it at Home Depot or Walmart. I think it's sort of pricey, but since the grubs ruin the grass, we spread it twice a year. You can also find other products like Merit or other types in your area.

If you have a grub issue (and it sounds like you definitely do have one), you will notice that every spot you turn soil or a spade, you will turn up grubs. In severely affected areas, the grass has very small holes in the ground within several inches of each other. The holes are about the size of a quarter and the more grubs, the worse the grass and root damage. They do not bother my flowers or shrubs, but they eat grass like it's "bug caviar." One hint I will give you is that the Grub-ex bag says it works all season. ((((BS...)))) If you have a lot of grubs, spread twice (a month or so after first application) because they seem to become immune to the applications and the next thing you know the grubs are turning into beetles -- which lay more eggs and start the process all over again. Good luck to you!!!

SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

ok, I get your drift.....

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