Bud to Bloom

Dearborn Heights, MI

About how many days does it usually take for P.Orientale and P.Nudicaule to go from having nice fat buds to when they actually flower? I tend to go and check them everyday, but I also cant resist watering, weeding, and just plain messing with them. So the less often I check the better. Also how long do the flowers usually stay on the above named?

Greenwich, OH

Hello:It usually can take 2 to 3 weeks before they will flower.I have the big fat buds on a few already.oriental poppies usually stay bloomed for a good week.if We get strong winds,the flowers will loose their petals.Oriental poppies are pretty! and a nice poppy to have in your flower garden,since they are perennial they will put on a show of big blooms for many years.

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