Growing Vegetables in Kalispell Montana...

Kalispell, MT

Hello to the group!

Hi everyone, this is a great group. I first of all want to send a special hello to Soferdig, who I believe lives close by, if not in Kalispell, MT, like I do.

I have recently relocated my family here recently from San Francisco. I love gardening, and will try my best to grow what I can in this new environment.

My oldest daughter (8) is growing apple mint and chocolate mint.

I am trying yellow banana peppers, yellow summer squash, sage, cherry tomatoes, red onions. All seem to be doing well. I also have a blueberry plant that is going great. Think I am gonna try purple and orange bell peppers, and maybe brusssel sprouts for the wife. The inlaws have tomatoes, asparagus, and potatoes in ground and taking off.

Has anyone in this group grown purple-hulled peas?

I would love any gardening tips this group can give me.

Kalispell, MT(Zone 4b)

HELLO WILTONCOMPUTERS MY NEIGHBOR! Finally a local gardener in Kalispell. My DW and I have been looking a long time for someone to meet with gardening interests. Anything will grow in Kalispell and do quite well. It all depends on soil here to know what you are growing and what will work. We grow asparagus, all kinds of peppers, especially colorful bell peppers, squash, cherry tomatoes, and anyother kind you want and they do wonderful. I always grow a monster pumpkin and lots and lots of eggplant. Zuchinni both green and yellow are are staples in the summer. Cuckes grow well and I have had great luck with brussel sprouts. Celery grows well but tastes bad in my garden. (bitter) Radishes and carrots are kind of a wash with their bitterness. I think it is my soil that is wrong. Probably too much compost. Root crops like sand. I don't like potatoes so we don't grow them. Any way I am currently up in Fairbanks until the end of May working and when I get home we will have to have you and your family out for dinner and a walk through the garden. Welcome to Daves!
Oh and PS even though you are from California we like you because I am a transplant from the coast also. This is my garden here on DG.

Libby, MT(Zone 4b)

Wiltoncomputers and Sofer, I'm a couple hours west of Kalispell and I grow sweet carrots. I do not use much compost on them. Just garden soil. I have never fertilized mine. I plant (nantes). Radishes are another story. Always bitter. DM

Lolo, MT(Zone 4b)

Hi, I'm another one from Montana. I'm an old granny.. but new to Dave's Garden. This is my first post, so don't know how it will turn out (or even show up!) I'm quite a bit west of the rest of you, in Lolo.

When I moved here to Montana from the Washington coast, five years ago (that's going from zone 8 to 4a), I got a small mobile on a small lot so that I wouldn't overdo it. Got some flower beds and made 5 raised beds. Have raspberries in one, evergreen strawberries in another, 2 blueberry bushes in a third, and have the other two ready to plant a few veggies.. usually get enough for myself and to share with my daughter and son-in-law.

Kalispell, MT(Zone 4b)

Wow lots of new people in DG from the NW Montana. Welcome Florae to our family. How do you go west of LOLO and not be in the mountains? Glad you are here. We will need to have a local get together sometime to meet all of us. Rasberries are our crop of plenty also and we give many away to our visitors to our garden.

Lolo, MT(Zone 4b)

Good morning everyone. Oops, I goofed, Soferdig. I meant I'm south.. of you all. I'll just blame my error on a senior moment! For those who aren't familiar with Montana, Lolo is at the north end of the Bitterroot Valley bumped up next to the Bitterroot Mountains so it would be difficult to go west and not be in the mountains!

I'm thinking about putting out my tomato and cucumber starts today. Once I figure out how to add my garden web site, I'll show you what I have. This time, I'll try to add a pic of the tulips along one bed in my back yard.

Thumbnail by Florae
Kalispell, MT(Zone 4b)

I think those are beautiful for my sorry eyes. I left Montana 3 weeks ago just when the green up had started and came up here to Fairbanks and all is still brown up here. Nurseries are just opening and I need a fix on green grass and bright tulips. Thank you Florae for the picture. Anyone else have any photos of home I would greatly appreciate them. One in eternal daylight. Steve.

Aurora, CO(Zone 5b)

Now that is a dose of spring color. Good to see that Sofer has some new friends up Montana way! LOL Welcome to Dave's. Don't be shy to share whatever you may, as some of us are still new to this. I personally didn't start until less than 2 years ago, when I bought my first house. Of course, did a lot as a kid, but at dads beckoning, so it wasn't fun or relaxing. Will put out my tom's and others this weekend. Had hail last night, so happy it wasn't last w/e.

Libby, MT(Zone 4b)

Sofer, I want to redo my raspberry bed because it has been unattended for years. How can I get a good crop of raspberries? What kind to plant, how to take care of them? Mine have not been very good producers. I don't know what kind I have. Any help would be appreciated.

Libby, MT(Zone 4b)

Hi Florae, Welcome to the Daves Garden. I planted carrots, peas, garlic and onions in April. I planted dill a few days ago and this weekend will plant tomatoes, cucumbers, zuchinni, squash, beans and peppers.

Helena, MT(Zone 4b)

Oh, gee, this is so cool! Welcome, Wilton and Florae.

Sofer & Wilton, I am coming to K'spell with my HD the weekend of June 23rd. Sofer, I understand you won't be there. Unless you've changed your plans??? I still want to see your garden, 'cuz it'll be prime in late June!

Wilt, did you live right in the City? My sister does. We grew up in the San Bernardino Valley (not my native habitat by a long shot). Ahh, the tumbleweeds! The blanket of purple-brown air! Ironically, guess what I've sown that's coming up all over now? -- California Poppies!

Sofer, I've had zero germination on my Meconopsis. Big disappointment. Are they selling plants anywhere in the K'spell area? Nobody here has them.

Lolo, MT(Zone 4b)

Good morning everyone,
Put my 4 cherry tomato (3 red and 1 yellow) and 2 cucumber starts out yesterday. Covered them with paper bags last night.. just to be on the safe side.. and when I uncovered them this morning they looked good.

DigMontana, think I'll put my seeds in today.. leaf lettuce, spinach, baby beets, baby carrots and green onions. The makings for a nice salad! I tried green peas and snow peas last year. They did well, but I've moved some clematis in the space and haven't figured out where else I can put peas so dropped them off my 'to do' list.

Also have some marigold and cosmos starts to plant, too. Then I can turn off my grow light.

Picante, you reminded me that I have a package of California poppies in my seed drawer. Guess I better remember to plant them this year. I grew them on the WA coast but didn't know how they would do here.

Soferdig, I 'll close with another pic.. not garden related but it should remind you of Montana.

Thumbnail by Florae
Helena, MT(Zone 4b)

Oh, your bison picture reminds me of my Yellowstone days. I worked there for 8 summers. I just had the great fortune to fly over the Bob Marshall wilderness last week in a friend's Cessna. This was taken at the Great China Wall, but looking north toward Glacier.

Thumbnail by picante
Kalispell, MT(Zone 4b)

Dig I use the thornless rasberries and prepared the planting site with mushroom compost and manure over the existing soil. Each year I overlay the ground with more compost and sawdust. I have allowed the roots to send out to each direction to have a bed about 600sq ft.
Picante I will be home on the 23rd from my trip to Michigan. So plan on getting together with me. I will dmail the details. Call and remind me on your arrival day cause lots is going on before I leave for Seattle on 24th. We are anxious to have you visit. My Mecompsis has died so I will get another one in Seattle in June when I visit there. Steve.

Libby, MT(Zone 4b)

Thanks Sofer,

I've heard the thornless berries do real well. I just recieved two roses in the mail yesterday, so I have to go get them in the ground. I'm also going to finish prep work for planting on Sunday. Plus of course having the urge to pull weeds instead of walking past them.

Kalispell, MT(Zone 4b)

Karen and I pull all through May and early june and that usually ends it. 5 to 10 a night keeps it pretty clean with weeds. After that we let them go.

Aurora, CO(Zone 5b)

That bison pic could be garden related- buffaloe poop- great compost material.

Centennial, CO(Zone 5b)

Are you delivering?

Tonasket, WA(Zone 5a)

Hi All, and welcome a little late to Wilton and Florea,

Steve had ice in my lawn hoses this morning. Wasn't expecting that~!!!!. Don't think anything in garden hurt. Haven't inspected closely. My guineas want out of the chicken yard early every morning. they are very busy and really like the run of the garden. My Blue dog still wants to herd them.

Must go out and plant my gladiolus bulbs.


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