Bloom-less Baby blue eyes and five spot

Orangevale, CA

Many baby blue eyes and five spot (Nemophila menziesii and N. maculata) grown from seed in the yard, some are huge--u to four or five inches across--but hardly any blooms, and already May 11. I have fertilized lightly with Miracle Gro bloom fertilizer. Any suggestions to make them bloom before the season ends?

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I think there are a couple possibilities--I'll throw out a few, see what you think
1) they may not like fertilizer--they're CA natives and probably used to growing in poor soil, with plants like that sometimes giving them fertilizer will make them not bloom as much (even if it's the bloom booster fert)
2) you may be watering too much--many CA wildflowers will grow like crazy during the rainy season, then as things warm up and start to dry out they'll bloom. So if you're watering it too regularly now, it may think it's not time to bloom yet.
3) it was a weird winter so things may not behave quite like they would in a normal year

These are really just guesses, I only tried these one year and I don't remember too much about when/how well they bloomed.

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