CLOSED: Can anyone id this bird via its song?

Dry Ridge, KY(Zone 6a)

I just posted a couple of sound files on my gardening blog of a new visitor to my garden. It has been hanging out in the tops of the large old maples on our property so I haven't been able to get a good look at it and of course the binoculars are no where to be found. I can tell that it is orange underneath and seems to have a dark head. I looked up a song for a Baltimore oriole on the net but it doesn't sound anything like what is coming out of our visitor. If anyone here knows birds via their song and cares to help out I would love to know what this bird is.

Colts Neck, NJ(Zone 7a)

I think you are right - sounds like a Baltimore oriole to me as well.

Enjoyed your site too.

Marlton, NJ

How about an American Redstart?

Marlton, NJ

Sorry couldn't find the sound at first. The sound is closer to a Baltimore Oriole than a Redstart.

Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Just for once . . . no idea! The sound system on my computer is bust, so I can't hear the recording at all :-((


Dry Ridge, KY(Zone 6a)

Thanks for all the replies. To look at it and reading the description about habit I would agree with the general consensus but I can't seem to find anywhere that has bird songs/calls (is there a difference?) sounding anything like the 4 note song?/call? that this one makes. Do they vary by location? Perhaps mine has a southern drawl.

Sofi glad you liked the site. My garden is my sanity. Think I need a t shirt that says that...

Colts Neck, NJ(Zone 7a)

Kerry I really do think your sound is from an oriole. Mine have just arrived recently and are making similar "chatter" which always sounds to me like the inflections of human conversation. I guess its hard for the bird call CDs and such to capture every song that they can make, but the "voice" is the same. Hope yours are nesting nearby.

Franklin Grove, IL(Zone 5a)

Here is the site I go to for bird songs:
Scroll down and the B. Oriole is at the top of the second column. I especially like this site because you can look at a picture of the bird while you listen.

Dry Ridge, KY(Zone 6a)

Thanks everyone for all of your help. It looks like we now have 2 Baltimore Orioles. The way they were following each other around I am guessing they are a pair. Perhaps there will be babies?

I listened to the link at and sure enough for a few seconds there I heard the same sound as our visitors are making. That is a great resource, thanks for posting it.

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