Papaver paeniflorum Maltese Cross?

Nieuwegein, Netherlands

Hi everybody,

Does anybody know if there is a Papaver paeniflorum Maltese Cross? I've been looking on the internet, but could'nt find anything.


Bye, Astrid

Dearborn Heights, MI

The Papaver paeoniflorum is just the doubled puffy version of the Papaver Somniferum. Ive never heard or a Maltese Cross poppy. There is the Danebrog, which is red with a white cross and has frilly edges (Looks like the Danish Flag). There is also aThe Queen's Poppy that has a white cross with red like the above mentioned but it isnt frilly on the edges.

Nieuwegein, Netherlands


Thank you. I've been looking on the internet and could find any paeniflorum Maltese Cross. So Maybe it's the Daneborg ore the Queens poppy. I'm going to put some seeds in the ground and than we will find out.

Bye, Astrid

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