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Patio Under a Tree

Holbrook, AZ

I need some advice! I have a large, 40-year old apple tree that shades out the lawn that once existed beneath. We would like to remove the spotty messy turf and put in a patio. I don't want to hurt the tree or deprive it of water etc. Any advice?

Holbrook, AZ

No advice at all? Help!

Vicksburg, MS(Zone 8a)

Have you considered using packed pea gravel? That way you could have your patio yet water could still get to the roots of your tree.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

HI Gardengirl, is this tree an ornamental apple or fruit bareing??? daft question I know, but, we have ornamental apple that have very tiny fruits, Crab Apples with lovely blossom, anyway, IF the trunk is tall enough, you could place a shaped seat around the tree, hexagon shape, and leave room for the trunk to expand, as your tree has stood the test of time, the roots must be really strong, on the ground where your feet will walk, you could put down the pea gravel, in a colour that would match in with any stonework on your house or where ever, if you dont want just pea gravel, you can plant things that like light shade or spring bulbs into the gravel for when the tree is bare, if you dont like the idea of pea gravel, you can lay paving stones but use sand for bedding into instead of concrete, the sand will still let water though and you can plant a few ground cover plants into the cracks in the paveing stones, just a few here and there to break it up.
I dont know if this helps, but it would look like a garden feature on it's own, good luck. WeeNel.

Champaign, IL(Zone 5b)

Good idea with the pea gravel! We have a tree in our front yard that is surrounded by a patio and driveway, and is right next to the road. The previous owners put gravel maybe 2 ft. in diameter around the tree and its doing fine. Its also gigantic, I have no idea where it is in comparison to 40 ft, but its really big. Also not sure what type of tree it is, maybe oak or maple or something. Anyway, point of the story is its doing really well, and I like the idea of putting the bench around the tree!


Fulton, MO

My $0.02...

Pea gravel could be messy, unrestrained and hard to sweep/clean.

Is the location such that you could build a low deck? This would minimally interrupt the roots, and rainwater would drain through.

You could put down a sand base and pavers, but I don't know how that would effect the water to the tree. It might be a good question for the Tree/Shrub forum folks.


Holbrook, AZ

Thanks all! Great advice!

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