What are these flowers??

Concrete, WA(Zone 7b)

These have come up quickly, started about a month ago, are now almost 5' tall....
My pics aren't so great, so bear with me please...
They starting to fall over, should I stake them??
Mostly, what are they?
I have many more pics of things I can't identify..I inherited this yard when we bought the house last August.....

Thumbnail by twomoons
Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

I cant really see the true colour of your plant, if I were to take a guess it looks like Solomon's Seal (Polygonatum) tall stem with leaves opp each other and as the stem droops, Natural, tiny white bell shaped flowers droop on the underside of the stems.
You said you have just moved into this garden last year, if I were you I would just weed, tend what you have and keep a photo album, that way you wont dig up plands that have still to come up and show you what beauties they are, next season you can move them, get rid of them or leave them.
If you can get a better picture on tell a little about the leaf shap, flower colour etc, maybe others csn be of more help.
Good Luck. WeeNel.

Concrete, WA(Zone 7b)

Solomons seal was what I thought too!!! Saw it in a gardening magazine!!!
Stems are green and flowers are white.
Thanks soo much...
1 down, 15 to go!! lol

Concrete, WA(Zone 7b)

Still would like to know about maybe staking it up?
Also, I have a big Bleeding Heart that I think would be beautiful with this; Can I move it now or should I wait until it finishes blooming??


Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi twomoons, so glad that you found the right name of your plant, it is a very graceful plant and the droop is perfectly natural, so you dont stake it, that is why people grow it, for it's grace, the stems are really quite sturdy, so dont worry about the droop, it is how it should be.
As regards your bleeding heart (Dicentra) you have prob got Spectabilis, pink flowers/white hearts, with grey green leaf, both these plants we are talking about are perennials, they come up each year and die down in winter, but as I don't know about your climate, the best time to move, divide, plant, is either the end of the flowering season while the soil is still a bit warm, or, come spring, when the new shoots are breaking the grownd, and the soil is warming up, I assume that as the Solomons seal is in flower as in the picture, so the Bleeding heart must be also, what I do in my herbaceous borders is put a cane into the ground and a labble with the name and when it flowered, hight, colour etc, then when it is time to move them, you know exactly where they are and where to put your spade in, that way, you dont go dig the wrong plant or destroy half of it's nrighbour.
Word of warning about the bleeding heart, it has very fleshy roots that are so easy to break, so make sure you dig out a good clump, or, all the plant, and keep as much soil around it as pos or it will just fall to bits, if you can get the whole plant out, lay it gently on the ground and with your spade, cut it in half, quarter or whatever. put plenty of new compost into the new planting hole and a little general fertaliser to give it a good start,then a good drink of water, the Solomon has real tough tuberous roots and will need cut up the same way, but you may have to put a foot onto the spade as you cut, both these plants like dapple shade for best flowers. I like to split up my plants (Herbaceous only) every 4 to 5 years, they soon outgrow the spot, it also lets me add some feed into the borders at this time and change what I dont like, maybe clashing colours etc. Sounds like the earlier owners had good taste eh.
Hope this helps, good luck.

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