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Ok, I know this is a request that's unlikely to be answered but no harm in asking I suppose.
I tried, and tried to resist the temptation, but unfortunately I've been bitten by the Heuchera bug and now have several beautiful ones growing in my 'patchwork bed'.
When I went to Harrogate Spring Flower Show I spotted others that I would have loved, but (at the time) was resisting the temptation to buy any more (hubby keeps telling me I have enough!). One of the ones I saw and resisted was 'Licorice' (sp) and the other was 'Green Spice'...I've also seen one named 'Venus' that's really beautiful.
Now for my request....does anyone else grow Heuchera's and, if you do, would you fancy doing a nice trade with me? I have lots of beautiful newer ones, including 'Frosted Violet' (or is it Violet Frost - I always get that name mixed up) 'Beauty Color', Plum Pudding', 'Chocolate Ruffles', 'Dale's Strain' and a few others ready for splitting, and later I'll have Caramel Waves, Marmalade, Peach Flambe and Peachy Keen.
I'm particularly wanting Licorice (wish I'd bought it when I had the chance), Green Spice and Venus, but if you have one of the newer ones that you'd like to trade I'd love to hear from you........Well, I did say it was a shot in the dark, LOL.

Thanks for reading :o)


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Burwash Weald, United Kingdom(Zone 9b)

Terri - probably shouldn't offer this, may bankrupt the household funds but I did find Heuchera Licorce here:


Worth looking at.

Like you, I think they are marvellous plants, they are wonderful in a woodland setting - and that haunting light scent that some of them have - when grown en masse it is wonderful. I am particularly intersted in the Heuchera Cylindrica versions - I have a lovely one from Graham Gough at Marchants called Heuchera Cylindrica Brown Finch. Much more understated than the ruffled versions, it seems very easy to combine with other spring plants like alliums, gladioli byzantium, and the emerging foliage of later spring plants.

Keep growing them - they are lovely, and really worth a spot in the garden.


Oh my goodness Laurie!! Thank you for posting that link, they have some fabulous Heucheras and if nobody wants to do trades I might just have to treat myself. It's my birthday soon, so perhaps I can justify buying myself a little present (or two, LOL)
Thanks everso!!


Burwash Weald, United Kingdom(Zone 9b)

Birthdays - up coming, commiserating on the accumulation of, and 1/2 way to the next are all fair markers for treating oneself to a new plant - I have used them more than once.


Sheffield, United Kingdom(Zone 7b)

Hi Terri, I was also trying to resist the wonderful array of Heuchera at the show. There are so many new ones every year. I'm afraid I can't offer a swap as the only one I have is Plum Pudding. I did notice at the show that some of this variety had a much plainer leaf than mine and others had a variation in the shading like mine have. It is good to have a good look around at shows before buying as some plants are much better than others don't you think?

I was thinking of putting some in the shaded area, but it is a fairly steep slope and with the dry weather before the show I didn't think they would be very happy there. Most years they would be fine - and certainly now after all this rain.

Now I've seen that web site I'm very tempted. Hope you find what you want.



Hi Pat!
If you ever decide to buy any different ones and fancy trading a piece of your new one for a piece of one of mine do send me a dmail, I'd be really happy to do a little trade. Unfortunately I already have 'Plum Pudding'. Mine has beautiful leaves and once the rain stops I'll go out and take a photo of it to post here in case yours just happens to be different.
If you get tempted to order one from Laurie's link website (Thank's again Laurie!!) dmail me first because you never know...I just might have that one :o) If not, we could both order different ones and could perhaps swap pieces when they're big enough to split...what do you say??
I've been looking at 'Mint Frost' on that website and it's calling to me (along with Licorice, Venus and Green Spice), LOL
Decisions, decisions...........Hahaha


Sheffield, United Kingdom(Zone 7b)

My Heuchera plants haven't arrived yet, but here is a photo of one of my "Plum Pudding" varieties:

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