new chapter on rotting from top

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

well, went out to put my poor baby out of her misery, and found that under the soil, there is about 2 inches of cutting left. Not mushy or anything, and there are little shoots trying to come out the sides. No roots, but the shoots (are they just long nubbies?) are white and look good. So I'm experimenting again. I cut again as there was a bit more soft at the top, and dipped the whole top in tea tree oil, not diluted. I then put most of this baby in willow water. I'll let you know how it comes out, wish me luck!!


Tig, I have had many a brug put out those white nubbies and come back very strong and bushy from near death. Thats what happens during a freeze as well by the way. The Culebra is a very bushy hybrid and is constantly sending out those babies from the ground for me. When the top is still close to the ground it is best to cut those nubbies off as they won't get enough sun to grow and will generally turn yellow and fall off from being overshaded from the top half. I take these off of my baby plants instead of letting them turn yellow and propagate them as well.

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Newberry, FL(Zone 8B)

tig, i am glad, i now this has happened to me with new plants, some i might have pitched too soon.

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