Lambs ears

Leesburg, VA(Zone 7a)

Are lambs ears and rose campion the same thing? I just purchased a plant from a nursery and the tag says it's a rose campion, but the leaves look larger on the actual plant than on the tag it came with.

Cordele, GA

They are not the same plant. Rose Campion is a shortlived perennial with bright , velvety magenta flowers and silvery leaves and stems. It reseeds prolifically, but is easily pulled up. You always have seedlings to replace older clumps that look ragged.

Lambs ears is a silvery velvety leaved plant that lives longer and puts up scapes of tiny pale pink mint like flowers clusters with leafy bracts. There is a form that does not bloom. The plants live longer and spread by stolens.

Both provide good silver foliage for the south, however the lambs ears makes a better edging plant (I think).


Leesburg, VA(Zone 7a)

Thanks for your response. That's what I was afraid of. So I purchased a lambs ear (which is nice too) instead of the rose campion. I guess I won't be heading back to that nursery anytime soon!

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