Hummingbird Sage, Crimson Sage, Pitcher Sage (Salvia spathacea)

Wilmington, DE(Zone 7a)

Hummingbird Sage, Crimson Sage, Pitcher Sage
Salvia spathacea

Leaves have fruity fragrance.

Thumbnail by Gerris2
Cochrane, ON(Zone 2b)

Nice one Joseph. Another one I was hoping to have but zone 7 is a bit of a stretch from zone 2. The fruity fragrance of the leaves would be very nice, of course I love the blooms.

Wilmington, DE(Zone 7a)

Thanks, Linda! This flower head is now fading, and it should be interesting if it makes seeds...never saw a pollinator on it, and I looked at it often. I hope it makes more flowers, so far I think it is still getting acclimated to Delaware from California where its home was in the nursery.


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