Juncus ensifolius

Chester, VA(Zone 7b)

Does anyone have experience with this rush? I sowed seeds from Jelitto (who could resist a common name of "Flying Hedgehogs" ?) and am ready to put the seedlings in a very boggy area. I found some information when I Googled Juncus ensifolius, but cannot tell if it's invasive or undesirable in some way.

Any info would be appreciated.


Great South Bay, Lon, NY(Zone 7a)

You don't have to worry about it in your zone. It's invasive in the tropics, but Hawaii is the only state reporting it as such.

Cool looking plant. I think I need a bog.

Chester, VA(Zone 7b)

Thanks for your response. I think I'll go ahead and plant half of the seedlings in the bog and pot up the other half.

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