Late blooming Rhody

La Conner, WA

I have a white rhody which doesn't bloom until June 10th after all others are through. It is about 3feet high after 7 yrs. I have lost its name & would like to get more as it blooms when all others are done. Can any one identify it for me, (or suggest other LATE bloomers?) I live in Wash. state.

Hurst, TX(Zone 7b)

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, jackstangle. Some possibilities to consider: R. brachycarpum ssp. brachycarpum & fauriei have a 10-yr height of 3'. The other whites that I know of should be taller than 3' by their 7th year (Polar Bear and Carol Amelia). I suggest you go to this webpage to further define the search for other late bloomers since you may want to choose them based on height and color too:


PS - Do not forget to check out the azaleas too. The Satusuki hybrids, Gumpo and R. viscosum are late bloomers (in June + or -).

Cincinnati, OH

Rhododendron nakaharae (Evergreen Azalea) blooms usually in July. It is a creeper hardy to -5, it hybrids good to -10. North Tisbury hybrids are R. nakaharae crossed with Satsuki (fifth lunar month) Bonsai Azaleas.

Chinzan is a mutant Satsuki which blooms continuously rather than one big flush. R. nosuchianum was believed to be a Kalmia-Rhododendron hybrid. DNA testing showed it to be pure Rhododendron. It blooms continuously. It has been renamed Everlasting.

My White Gumpos are finished. Babs a White Gumpo hybrid has just finished.

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