Does Anybody Know About Mums ?

Maple, ON

Last Fall around Thanksgiving I ordered From my supplier 6 organically grown Mums. As luck would have it another skid fell on them and broke all the stems
not to mention disturbing the plants out of their pots.I took 1 of these home and unfortunatly forgot that it was in the back of my car (hatchback ) It started growing. Before the weather got too cool I remembered to bring it inside,I put it on top of my refridgerator and it continued to grow for a week or so and then it appeared to have died , My question is will this plant grow again if it is watered and fed some sorta plant food ?
Thanks in advance

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi Canada60, I am unable to answer fully as I dont know if these are indoor florist's pot plants, or, outdoor MUM'S, they are both really the same family, but require different treatment, IF indoor plants, and you did not let the plant dry out, it should come back to growth again, dont feed till you see greenery growing though or you will confuse the plant as right now, it needs to start growing, once a bit of the greenery comes, then give a half dose of feed, liquide.
If it is outdoor mums, then they are normaly grown on from cuttings at the end of the season, taken from NON flowering shoots, however I have known people to get them back to life the following year but the plant have usually got quite week and poor flowers result,IF any, so either way, what can you loose, give it a go, even if you get greenery, take some cuttings from non flowering side shoots, dip the ends into some rooting hormone and put the cuttings around the outer EDGE inside the pot, try seal into a polly bag till rooted, about 6 each pot, indoors, once rooted, pot on into individual pots and grow as normal. get back to the place you got them from as they should be experts. good luck. WeeNel.

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