Dumb Asparagus Seed Question

North Tazewell, VA

How do you harvest the asparagus seeds? I have some asparagus plants which come up every year. They are in an area of about two and a half feet in diameter. I would like to keep the plants where they are and also harvest some of the seeds to plant in my, new doing ok, garden. The plants are in a flower bed type of area and are beautiful with the other plants.


Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

It takes about three years from planting a seed to the first asparagus harvest. I'd suggest that you consider dividing the plants you already have, instead of planting seed.

My asparagus roots were about 15-18 inches cubed when I moved them out of my vegetable garden and into a dedicated asparagus bed. Massive! So I divided each crown in half (of the largest roots) and got many more plants. I got a good harvest the following year, and a great harvest annually thereafter. They're greedy feeders: give them lots of compost/manure/fertilizer all through the season.

Good luck!

Augusta, GA(Zone 8a)

Free, if you have an old type asparagus ( male and female plants) the fruit will look like a small red berry on the ferns. Most of the time these will self seed and little volunteers will pop up around the asparagus bed. You can just transplant those, BUT as Andy said, it takes 3 years to harvest. Of course if you have a modern all male hybrid, the question is moot.

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