Leaves are curling up on my azaleas

Plant City, United States

I need help. No one I have asked has had or seen this problem. I have older and well established azalea beds. They bloomed very well this season, but now the leaves on a lot of the plants are curling upwards.

Any ideas or suggestions as to why or what I can / should do ??????????/



Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Any chance you can post a picture?

Frankfort, KY

Perhaps they need water.

Hurst, TX(Zone 7b)

Drought and Phytophthora Dieback have similar symptoms. If the soil feels dry when you insert a finger to a depth of 3-4" then you have a moisture problem. If the soil feels wet (not moist) then the roots could be suffering from a fungal infection called Phytophthora Dieback or root rot. In either case, the plants do not get enough moisture so they wilt and the leaves curl inward and droop. Manually check for moisture using this approach until you determine how long a watering lasts. Then set the drip or sprinkler system on such a schedule. If you live in the Plant City in Florida, the approach of summer (or your drought) could be causing the plant to need more water this time of the year.

An infestation from rhododendron stem borers is yet another possibility. They are dark colored beetles with antenna and black spots behind the eyes. The adult feeds on the underside of the leaves, causing them to curl. The larvae causes stems to wilt so prune off affected canes and throw away in the trash. Look on the leaves underside & always check by day and night.

Good luck, Luis

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