Tomato Leaves

Mooresville, NC(Zone 7b)

The leaves on some of my tomato plants are curling up...what does that mean? All of them have been getting plenty of water and the same amount.
Any thoughts?

SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

Need more info from you to help determine your problem. Could you post some pics? Are you in ground or containers? EBs? Have you sprayed anything on the plants? Evidence of holes or chewing? Send more details.

Mooresville, NC(Zone 7b)

There are aphids but I've been spraying soap water for those; no signs of chewing; a couple little tiny, tiny holes here and there on a couple of plants; in ground; EBs???...eligible bachelor??
Here's a pic.

The rolling of the leaves is worse on others...but this is the only pic I have right now.

Thumbnail by Pinger42
SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

I'm gonna post your pic in the tomato forum. I know someone there who can answer your question. I'll let you know. EB = Earthbox. BTW (by the way), are you a full subscriber with a paid membership? If so, you can post your pic in the tomatoes forum. Jump over there.

If you're NOT a subscriber ($15? $20?) I HIGHLY recommend it. I've gotten more information in 2 years than I would've in a whole lifetime. I feel like I owe Dave some more money.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi Pinger, could the curl on the leaves be as simple as a touch of frosted air at night, OR, the soil is deficient of some food be it Iron, Magnesium (likely in light sandy soil) maybe if you have fed them with too high potash fertilisers, I am only guessing here, but these symptoms show up on tomatoes when the above is the case, Or wind spray while useing weed killer or useing the same watering can that was used and not properly rinsed out, sorry I cant be more specific, but just trying to throw some ideas your way, hope it helps. good luck.WeeNel.

Mooresville, NC(Zone 7b)

Your suggestions don't apply, WeeNel but thank you so much for trying! I'm doing the lasagna gardening, so there is no sand and I haven't sprayed for weeds. The very,very, few weeds I do have can be easily pulled up with no effort at all...which is awesome!
Hopefully, the leaves will just unfurl on their own.

I've seen your responses to questions many times. You seem quite diverse in your garden knowledge so you must have had a garden or May I ask where you're from? It doesn't say under your name...
Have a great day! Ping

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi Pinger, I'm here in Scotland UK, in the cold, windiest and wettest start to the summer for years, well it feels that way anyway, but on saying that, I think I can watch the grass grow from my window, so somethings growing a least, Yes I have had a few gardens, just got it looking great, then had to move due to husband work, but I was also brought up with a extended family of gardeners, both city and country side, it is funny, but when your a child and supposed to be helping your dad, you did'nt think you were taking anything in, yet as I started gardening my own place, I realised what I was doing, was exactly as my Dad had done, so the moral is, your always learning no matter how young or old you are, My Dad was a supper gardener and, as I was born end of 2nd W.W. In UK, food was rationed till the 1950's and each man, woman and child had a token/ration book that you had to produce every time you went to the store, so no one could buy all the butter or veg, my dad grew all our own veg, flowers and fruit, so we did'nt go hungry, I guess I had a great teacher, I remember when the horse drawn cart with the bread man came around selling bread, IF we were luck enough that the horse left it's droppings on the road, we were sent out with a bucket to collect it because it went into the garden or the compost heap, great you may say, but not if you were all dressed up trying to impress your friends who would not be seen dead that close to horse or droppings, Yeh! the good old days, My Dad has passed away now, but I often think about him with love and affection at just how he managed a job and grow such wonderful things and when I have a problem in my NOW HUGE 10 acre garden, I think, "HEY I remember my dad doing this or that" it's like ridding a bicycle, once you've done it, you dont foget. I have also been lucky enough to visit many places and continents, so I always drag my husband around Botanical Gardens etc. Well, you did ask. just hope you tom's get sorted out, it's a bummer when things get you puzzled eh. WeeNel.

Grass Valley, CA(Zone 8b)

Ah, WeeNel, what a lovely message. I am here in N. Calif. with exactly the same question as Pinger--Wow-what a very small world. I have been thinking back about my previous panic attacks when my toms leaf curled. Now I remember someone telling me that I should examine the garden at night and see if the leaves were still curled. They do tend to curl in the bright sunshine to protect themselves. It's the full moon so why not a moonlight stroll through the tomato patch and investigate. If I find out anything new, I'll post. I did see the biggest moth yesterday munching on the eggplant plant-leaf. It was 4-6 inches long. Maybe a sphinx? It was big, anyway.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi Gardenlovr, good to join in, you could br 100% right about the leaf curl, during the daytime heat, how I envey you guy's growing tomato's out doors, I have to grow mine in a greenhouse as we dont get a long enough season and short on the type of heat needed, but I manage to get them doing Ok that way, in fact I was out in the greenhouse tonight potting them on into finnal pot size, also hot chilli peppers (cucumbers, not doing too well, got some grey mold starting on the lower leaves)just pulled them of and trashed the leaves, it works for me) but outdoors I grow all my veg, beetroot, carrots, onions, winter cabage and broccli, things that we find not abundent in the stores in winter then I can freeze some, so I do Ok food wise, but my passion is plants, Perenniels, shrubs and tree's, with a large garden I can experiment more than others and as my daughter said, if I did'nt have my garden I would be locked up out of harms way, so you see, some good comes from the land, great to hear from you, happy gardening, WeeNel.

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