how do you get rid of brown spots on leaves?

I have a nice 'tropical' house plant on my windowsill. I didnt water it for a while, but started watering again. When the soil was dry, a bunch of brown, dryish spots just grew into the leaves! Help!

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi purplethum, dont say what the plant name is so it hard to know what kind of trouble you have, so I will give some sugestions that may be the problem.
First, take your plant away from the window as direct sunlight at this time of the year will be frying your plant leaves, the glass acts like a magnifying glass (like you being in the car and the sun is shinning through the window, only you can move, your plant cant) the brown spots could be caused by watwr splashes and then the sun on the splashes, Or, as you have neglected to water it for a while, it is showing signs of stress, dont let it sit in water if it is on a saucer as this will rot the roots eventualy, I dont think this is a fungus and if it was mites, you would have seen more damage as they do like to attack week plants and yours will have been weekened by lack of the right care, so I would move it to a less sunny spot but still give daylight, repot your plant if the leaves have perked up a bit, give it a slightly larger pot and nice new compost, if you do repot it, dont give food for the first week, let it settle into new root area, then give house plant feed (liquid and half strength) for the first time then every second week after till the end of the growing season, give it water as often as the soil feels dry, hope all this helps, not knowing the plant type, so this is basic care for any house plant, good luck, hope your plant recovers. WeeNel.

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