nasturtium germination

Raymond, ME

I planted some nasturtium seeds (from 2006 seeds) last week. The package doesn't give any germination info. So does anyone know how long germination takes for these flowers? I've had good luck in the past starting seeds from leftover seeds but I'm getting worried that nothing has shown up yet. I planted them a week ago Thursday.

Lawrenceville, GA(Zone 7b)

Make sure you keep the soil moist and don't let it dry out. I started some on my back porch in the shade and they are about 10 inches tall/long. Good luck!


Tuscaloosa, AL(Zone 7b)

It seems to me that mine took about 10-12 days to show up. Hang in there.


Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi Dgidion, Raggedyann is right, you need to waite a bit longer AND keep the soil moist, these seeds are as tough as old boots but have a hard shell so they need the moisture to get germination going, after that, they grow like toppsy, so as long as you kept the seeds dry and cool in storage, then they will be sprouting in about another week. good luck, WeeNel.

Smelterville, ID

Hello, I have found if I soak the seeds in a cup of water for 2 days before planting they come up fast! I did this again this year and they were poking out in 7 days!

Charleston, SC(Zone 8a)

i grow nasturtium seeds in a pot - planting in the fall due to the hot summers here. I do soak them and them put a plastic bag over the pot - with some samll bamboo stakes to hold plastic away from pot. takes a week or ten day to sprout. had some come back from reseeding .... my grandson thinks it is great fun that you can eat them.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Good to know that someone is teaching the next generation where food really comes from and the dangers of eating what you dont know about, growing in the garden, you can also eat the flowers and leaves in a mixed sallad, the flowers look so prety when mixed with the green sallad leaves, the Nasturtium leavs have a little nip to the taste buds though, any seeds that have a hard shell are faster to germinate if soaked in some warm water as it helps break down the shell quicker, things like sweet peas and veg peas pluss many others. If the seeds dont sink to the bottom of the water in a few hours, get rid, as they never will germinate. Happy gardening to you all, WeeNel

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