How/where to plant?

Springfield, MA(Zone 6a)

Well, I have four datura plantlings in 4" pots, and (FINALLY!!!!!) six black currant swirl seeds have germinated.

Now I REALLY want these plants - So, first - what should I do with the plantlings? I am in zone 6. Should I move them to larger pots? Should I move them to the garden? What is your advice?

Now the seedlings . . . Is there any hope I will even see a blossom this year? Should these go in the garden? or in large containers?

I have a funny little edge in my roof line where a window in my bedroom is. I would dearly love to have pots with datura on the ledge. Now, it will get very warm there during the early part of the day (faces east) - but will be in complete shade be 4 pm. (or earlier) - would it be safe to have the datura in pots there?

I also understand you are not supposed to fertilize datura - is this correct? In other words, I shouldn't use miracle grow pot mix?


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