Help!! Sick Impatiens

Poplarville, MS(Zone 8b)

Can anyone tell me why my previously healthy, beautiful impatiens have turned a sickly shade of yellow with black spots all over them? They are still blooming ok, but the foliage looks horrible! I appreciate any info anyone can give me.

McLean, VA(Zone 6b)

Pinky, it would be helpful if you could post a picture.

Plantersville, AL(Zone 8a)

A picture would help.

But it could be Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus or Impatiens Necrotic Spot Virus . Both have similar symptoms and are not curable, only preventive. The foliage will turn yellow with black spots that get larger. They are both spread by touch and Thrips.

TSWV -- Looks more like targets as the disease ages. I've seen plants that will out grow the spread of the disease and actually keep blooming.

Other possibilities are Anthracnose or Pseudomonas Leaf Spot. Once again very similar symptoms, but it can be cured with a copper based fungicide. The foliage develops black spots, just that from the description of your plants -- they don't normally turn yellow.

I'm not sure exactly what the problem is, but I hope this can help start in the right direction.

Tampa, FL(Zone 10a)


I would suggest that you go out and tug gently on your plants to see it they are still rooted. If they pull out easily, then it is time to change the flower beds. We grow Imps in the winter here, because they like cool weather. Ours are now beginning to get 'root rot' with the heat of summer. Since your garden is way up North you may not run into this problem every year, but, some years it will happen. Has it been hot and rainy for awhile? Those are perfect conditions for that problem.

Thumbnail by DaleTheGardener
Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

Ah, and impetiens thread with problems! I cannot grow these things from seed if my life depended on them so I end up buying them and making cuttings to proliferate. Not a good thing if the plants are licensed.

The seeds are so puny that alone just drives me silly!

I want to do impatiens in 2010 but looks like I will have to buy them.

Dale, WOWOWOW Yours are purely gorgeous! All that color in a shady spot and such a perfect setting

Impatiens are quickly damaged by too much soluble salt. A porus soil is a must. They will rot out if too wet. Excess nitrogen causes a flush of foliage, but produces little flowers. Temperatures lower than 55 will result in yellowish constricted growth. So much for what I know about impatiens other than I cannot grow them in my garden and have to do them in containers! I flood.

Inspite of it all I am marking my calender to give them a go...Some time in mid May, its off to the local GH's to search for a 6 pak or a real bargain! They are pretty pricey out my way.... LOL!

Well for anyone here that wants, you can join me back at my GPS6 series wher we ae talking about what to grow and when to start for 2010 while we shut the GPS down for the fall.

Here is the link!

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

oops, sorry, heres the link back to my GPS6 for those bouncing around with me!

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

They may be over watered.

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

Well, heres a pic of the ones I just brought into the house.. the ones in the clay pots are fine, they are realtively new cuttings and have great leaves, but the one in the yellow plastic pot ugh! Its yellow and discusting looking and just a few weeks ago it was gorgeous.

We dud have a lot of rain before it came in and the others were in my GH.

So in this case, I would say the rain in that lil pot was what dun 'em in! I am gonna pinch the yellow pot back and see what happens, maybe it still can be saved. Itis under lights now.

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

Heres a better look of the ones in my yellow pot... defineitely something going on that should not be!

I agree...too much water on that one....


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