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brug colour has changed

A bloom on my burg has opened and it isn't pink this year. It is a sort of white and yellowish colour. What has happened.

Newberry, FL(Zone 8B)

if it just opened it may turn pink by the morning, this is what my frosty pinks do.


Give em time. I have an aurea looking hybrid of mine that fades to a wonderful salmon color with pure white ribs running through it. Reminds me of the opposite of the Cypress Gardens only much darker color. Cypress Gardens might as well be all white in comparison.

guess I may have been too impatient. Just went outside ( it is getting dark out) and it has turned pink. I don't know what kind it is suppose to be. Maybe I have frosty pink. Didn't have a name on the package when I bought it except that it was a brugmansia and a picture.
Oh and what a fragrance.

Burlington, ON

Was it in a small pot within a tall open box with the name patio Plant on it Begonia?

Thats it RA. Exactly as you described. I bought it at home depot (I think) when I was visiting my sons in Ontario.

Burlington, ON

Then Begonia, Here Is Your Plant (shades of Bob Barker LOL)

click on the word english, then pink Brugmansia and you will be given a description.

If you want to see a pic, I can only get clicking on the word fotoalbum to work in MIE.

Thanks for the link.

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