will my gladiolus have a one-time bloom ?

San Fernando, CA

Hi, I recently took gardening....started planting all diff. types of plants...along with those I planted some gladiolus (bulbs) and well now they have began to bloom (thank god, as I was scared they wouldn't) well, now I don't know if to cut them and put them in arrangments or to just let them stan in my garden? Does anybody know what happens after they bloom? If I cut them, will they get new blooms again, like perhaps, calla lillies? or will that be all for the season, a one time bloom ? I keep thinking that maybe they're like rose bushes, that they need some type of pruning so the'll produce new sprouts? please can somebody help? I don't want to ruin the poor things? I'm very inexperienced and some advice would help greatly...thanks

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi Gald101, good for you to have a go at gardening, it is not a science working out what is what, just that you learn as you go along, you are doing what we all had to to at the start, and still do, we ask all the questions we need, even IF we think EVERYONE but you, knows how do do things, well unfortunately, we all dont, so you get on this site, and sure as eggs are eggs , someone tries to help, here goes as with your Gladioli, these as you know are bulbs, and with most bulbs, they only flower the once EACH year, you can leave them in the ground for years if you wish (I try to mark the spot where they are so that in winter/spring as I tidy up, I dont dig them out, easy done) yes you can cut the flower stem off these plants and take indoors to put in a vase, or just cut the dead flowers of as you dont want energy going into seed making, but always try to leave some leaves on the plant as you should let this die down naturely and it helps put some energy back into the bulb for flowering next year, if you leave the bulbs in the ground, give a handfull of plant feed around the bulbs and gently fork it into the area around them as it also gives them a boost after working hard to give you these wonderful flowers, as with all bulbs, if your area gets real hard frost winters, lay a mulch over your bulbs to see them through the coldest weather, you will have a wonderfull display for next year also. hope this helps you, happy gardening. WeeNel.

San Fernando, CA

thank you so much weenel...this helps me out so much...my glads are blooming now and plan to having them for years to come.......your advice is very appreciated...thanks again:)

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