Banks, AL(Zone 8a)

Did anyone see the posting about using cornmeal on plants? I would like to get some information about using it. It has all changed and I can not afford the payments here. Thanks for any info. Gn

Mooresville, NC(Zone 7b)

What would the cornmeal be used for?

Banks, AL(Zone 8a)

fungcide( spelling not right)

Banks, AL(Zone 8a)

It is good for rose bushes

Banks, AL(Zone 8a)

The cornmeal thing was on Mid South Gardening. It had lots of things it could be used for. I am looking for it but you have to pay now to be a member. I had over 100 post when they changed it to you have to pay. My post was about blueberries........

Banks, AL(Zone 8a)

I found the place and made a copy of it. I want to try some of

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