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Starting a rose bush

Charleston, WV

We live in our churches parsonage, and there are 12 beautiful rose bushes on each side of the house. Each one beautiful and fragrant. We have just bought a house, and I would like to take some of these roses with me when I move in my new home. Someone told me that I could start a rose bush from the ones around the parsonage by clipping the blooms when the petals are gone, and plant them bloom side down in the soil, and this will grow a rose bush. Is this true, and exactly how would I go about doing it. Thank you for any suggestions.

Thumbnail by pammee62
Sydney, Australia

This is a joke ...right?.......oh dear just in case it isn't, no you plant the other end.The best time to take the cuttings is late Autumn (fall) but you can try any time if you have to.I will leave it to some one else to go into details .....but basically use a good quality seed raising mix....put a few approx 5/8 inch cuttings into a pot around the edges......push in about 3/4 down (strip all but the top two leaves off first) in a sheltered position.....water every few days after initial watering at planting time...and then leave them alone .Roses will throw out new shoots in the spring even before the roots come don't touch until you see a fairly good growth happening.....even then....because you havent done it before I would leave them alone until the following Autumn/Winter before planting them out....good luck :-)

Browns Mills, NJ(Zone 6b)

nice photo editing job. Must've been a good rain with the size of those drops! LOL

Banks, AL(Zone 8a)

I have been told to put the rose cutting in a pot of good soil and place a large coke bottle over it. Cut the bottom out and place it over the rose and take the cap off. Place this in a shade and water everytime it starts to dry out. I have not tried it but was planning to do so in the late

Warren, PA(Zone 5a)

Picking up on this thread...when IS the best time of year to transplant a rose bush in northern zones (e.g. I'm in Zone 5a). Is this a springtime or an autumn planting thing? We are thinking about putting in a couple more rose bushes around the lawn but aren't under any time constraint. We planted the first ones in the spring (several years ago) and they have done fine. Is that the only time one can plant them? Is that the best time?

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