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"Poor-Man's" camping trailer : - )

Beaverton, OR

I posted images of my cargo trailer previously, but now have a Video.

"Poor man's" may not be the best name since we can afford a regular one.

The trailer caught a lot of interest in the campground at the coast. People started asking to see the interior, and if they could bring family and friends to see it. So I figured I may as well make a short video if anyone wants to try the same thing...

It's cool how the small 2000 lb. loaded weight pulls so easily. I'll let you know in a few years if I'll go back to a travel trailer, or stick with this version of camping.

With two tents in the trailer, its set up to support about 10 people.

Thumbnail by mdvaden
South Dennis, NJ(Zone 7b)

Enjoyed your video! My husband wants to build his own "caravan" to tow, but doesn't know where to begin. What base did you use? Where did you buy it? Etc...etc... Internet searches haven't helped at all.

Beaverton, OR

Guess I better post quick!!

My Dave's membership expires today, and I haven't decided if I'm going to pay to renew yet.

For "base" - I wasn't sure what you meant. I didn't build the top of the box. That's a fairly standard cargo trailer. Mine is a Cargo Mate brand, if I recall. Wells Cargo makes them (spendier) and a few other companies.

Usually, a big town will have a dealer who has like 20 to 50 on display. That blue one I had didn't cost more than the $3400 for the trailer. The windows, vents, battery, electric brakes and extra side door were already included in that price.

If anyone builds one like that, they FOR SURE will want the SIDE DOOR. Otherwise someone can be trapped with just the regular backdoors if they are inside changing or whatever. The sidedoor has an interior handle and lock.

The trailers can be bought used for less, but not much less. They hold value very well. So it almost makes sense to buy one new.

The screened windows and vents are not standard, but are not uncommon either.

It's easy to find the frame to mount from within, just don't use too long of self-drilling screws, otherwise you'll punch through the outside (not the end of the world).

I bought mine at a place that sold them with RV trailers too. And Medford, here, is only 60,000 population. I've seen 3 or 4 dealers. In a big city, you will find them on the outskirts of the suburbs, usually.

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