Journal Feb 6,2001

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

A very spring-like good morning folks! Beautiful morn here this morning. Today we get our new "baby". Our tractor comes in! Can't wait...So I guess you guys know what I'll be up to---wrestling the keys from DH (;-0) We have been married for 5 years, I have lived here for 12 years..that is how long I've dreamed of owning a John Deere. I plan on sitting on that puppy till my rear end grows roots! I got the tiller attachment as a Valentine's Day present, what a great guy, think I'll keep him. Bye, Lisa (i think i hear the "Green Acres theme playing in the back ground)

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

Lisa-congrats on the jd! I know you will luv it especially with that tiller attatchment..makes life a lil easier! I think I do hear green acres have fun
Today is foggy again here temps are 30-35 it snowed a tiny bit and is trying to-rain, mist, snow or something. Just a dreary-NO sunshine day!
I hung another grow lite last night-hubby was going to put it in his shop-for months-well I grabbed it and took some weedwacker line and some nails and presto...more growing area. He hung the last ones on chains-put this was quick and almost painless-nicked my finger with the hammer!
My japanese poinsettes are up now and a blue mist speria!
I just luv when seedlings start popping up! =]
have a great day everyone-have fun Lisa n Hubby

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

That is so funny with Green Acres! I always liked that bouncing up and down on a brings out the kid in
We're thawing out from the snow and ice yesterday, about 1 foot here. None of the weather forecasters call this one! It was supposed to rain. Many kids were stuck in schools until 8 pm last night and cars and semi's were stuck on the inclines of roads. Can you say "gridlock" for a metropolitan area! Boy, are those weather people all crawling under their desks today! Only one guy admitted that he blew it with the forecast. Today, warmer temps and hopefully lotssssss of melting :)
Have a good day everyone :)

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

New tractors must be a sign of spring! Did anyone notice the vine at the top of our page? Yesterday's sheep crutching took all day. I went over at 8, helped with the last minute setting up for the job, ran sheep through the chute until after 4 pm, and came home just in time to do my chores before dark. The last 15-20 we did were the hard ones. They have been around a few years and know that clipper sound, and do not want to go into the chute. I was wrestling sheep that outweigh me about double! One turned around, dived between my legs, hoisted me up and if there hadn't been so many other sheep packed together I would have been down in the sloppy corral. She wasn't agressive, just trying to get back into the flock in a hurry, saw a bit of space and went for it. The wind blew all day but no snow or rain this year. Now I need to get my chores done, we have an appointment in town this morning, hope to get some riding done this afternoon. Hope the rest of you have a good day.

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

It has been a rugged, sickly 2 weeks around here. My pelvic frame felt as tho it had moved to the right of my spine a couple inches and up about that far too. It still hurts if I'm on my feet much. I really gave that ice bag and gel pack a workout. Then I developed bronchitis and laryngitis and a sinus infection. DGS developed a bladder infection and the sore throat, etc. We're both on Bactrim and recovering. DH is finally feeling a little better and not coughing anymore. He had laser surgery on his right eye for the third time today. He's diabetic(38)years and gets microanurisms.
The weather is so lovely. I'm baking cookies to take to Powell Gardens tomorrow so I'm in the house for the afternoon. I don't want to have a setback in my health problems either so this is safer.
I have a good size list of seeds I want to order from Shepard's and Nichol's. Ones I'm not likely to find around here. I'm going to try a few new melons this year. I like to try something new every year. Often several new veggies. I've gone thru the leftover seeds and kinda know what should still be good. I have the raised beds all planned out.
Not a lot to tell. Have a great day everyone.

southeast, NE

Leaflady, I was starting to worry about you. I'm glad you are doing better but please take it slow so you don't have a setback. There is a lot of nasty crud going on out there. My dd also had a bad bladder infection.

It has been a beautiful day. I did some errands today. Our feed company representative brought a really nice heavy embroidered jacket over for dd today. He's been telling her since her graduation that he wanted to give it to her. It has their advertising on it but also has her name and a small steer. I might just forget to tell her that it's here and wear it myself. Too bad if people think my name is the same as dd's.

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