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Peonies in zone 9

Carlsbad, CA

Has anyone had luck growing herbaceous peonies in zone 9? I live on the coast in zone 9, and I ordered a bare root sorbet and bowl of beauty. Can anyone who has had success growing peonies in zone 9 give me some tips?

Lisbon, IA(Zone 5a)

There was a guy on here called Calistoga (from Calistoga California) and he grew a lot of peonies. He made sure that the roots were just into the ground and that the eyes were not covered by any dirt. You might try that... You might also do a search for him and see if you can find any of his old peony threads...


Oostburg, WI(Zone 5b)

I don't have experience but one grower I visited told me his friend has much success growing them in southern CA. He said the trick is to start with at least 5 eyes per plant, plant only early bloomers and he chopped them all off the end of Oct. to let them go dormant. He said they need dormancy more than cold, to produce next year's flowers. They start putting out new growth in Jan. and then he starts watering them again. Hope this helps. Steve in TX has lots of peonies too - check with him and good luck! Here's some reading for you...

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