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moonflower seeds please help

i soaked my seeds like it said to do .now which way should they be sat in the ground? they haven t sprouted any thing it looks like it might be getting roots .do you stick the part with the hole facing up or do you put it down like other bulbs can you help me out ? thank you ....sherri

Windsor, ON(Zone 6a)

You don't need to worry about it at all. The plant will figure it out all by itself. Its called geotropism. The roots will automatically grow toward the earth. And phototropism is the plant automatically growing toward the sun. Big words, eh? Good luck with them.

Ocean County, NJ(Zone 7a)

how did you get the seeds?? I LOVE moonvine! I have a friend with a pl;ant, but how is it propogated?? there are big spoiney ball shaped things on the plant, but his hasn't actuall flowered yet. So, are these new buds for flowers or seed pods?? When can I pick seeds off and can I plant this year right away or need to wait until next year?? I want this plant, it opens so nice at night! Can someone give me the propogation rules for it??? thanks!! :)

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

green spiny ball things now would be flower buds. I love these too, like a lot of others. Ithink you're in a warmer place than MD to have buds now. After the flowers will be seed pods. Leave them on as long as possible til they turn brown and dry. There will be a few seeds in each, hard as a rock and cream or brown colored.
Here is zone 7 and it dies over winter. If you have cold winter you save the seed inside till next spring. Then you should try to crack it and soak it then plant. I soaked a dozen seeds this year but only one swelled up as if it had soaked up any water. I cracked them by tapping them with a garden tool till I saw a little crack in the 'shell'
Just for fun you could cut a piece of vine and see if it forms roots in a cup of water. I have never tried that but will let you try it for me : ^) If it does, plant it and you just might get your own flowers this year. Good luck!

Ocean County, NJ(Zone 7a)

thanks for the reply to my moonvine post! I haven't been back in a couple weks! Went away to our place in VA! I am in NJ so MD is actually ahead of me in warming up, but I think we are both zone 7 (7a, 7b) I will wait for the pods to dry up and get my seeds picked, he promised he'd share!! I have morning glory and soak the seeds each year before planting in the same manor, so, I'm looking forward to next season and looking for seeds to plant for the rest of this year, my garden centers close by don't have them in their seed racks :(.

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

ps my DD recently went to Ocean ity NJ with a youth group trip. Nice place

Ocean County, NJ(Zone 7a)

yes! Ocean city is a wonderful place to go relax and enjoy this time of year. It's actually a "dry" town so if you go to a nice B & B there remember before you go over the causeway to the island to grab a nice bottle of wine to enjoy with the sunset! I am actually in Ocean County, about 45 min to an hour north. Right by Long Beach Island and Seasise Heights. Both vacation spots with lots to do in summertime!!! Born and raised a Shore gal!

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