New Hampshire, NH(Zone 5b)

LOL, Janet.

Braselton, GA(Zone 7b)

It will be a lot of fun! I am always amazed at how many "different" plants people grow and how creative they can be when sending a "surprise" box to someone. It is never dull, that is for sure!!!

Reynoldsville, PA(Zone 6a)

count me in too please!

zone 6a
i have gardens that are full sun to all shade. i like most anything, surprise me.

any color is good but please no orange or yellow, no daylilies, bulbs, invasives or vines and no tropicals as here they'd only be house plants due to our winters.

edited to change zone, sorry.

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Wichita, KS(Zone 6a)

zone 6a
Full sun to full shade

Love white - no pinks or oranges please.
Surprise me, but could use ornamental grasses.
Named hosta only.
No wildflowers/prairie flower please, or invasives
I'm okay over wintering bulbs in the garage/basement if need be.

Would like to send stuff to someone in the same zone or warmer, fairly new at gardening so limited on what to send to colder zones.

Wichita, KS(Zone 6a)

Quick questions?

The term bulbs, are we using this loosely, or specific? (ie. Calla, or LA Lilies a bulb?)

Are we to label the plants when we send them?

Tulsa, OK(Zone 7a)

I'll join in...
Thank you

Yuma, AZ

zone 9b
Hot and dry here. Prefer full to partial sun. Full shade.
Tropical, tropical, tropical. Anything tropical or odd ball would be awesome. Really like orange, red, blue, just not pink. Don't have many variegated tropicals. Also just started collecting Cannas and only have a red one, so any other color.
I do have many plumeria, and unless very rare or special would like something different.
I am new to this so surprise me! Please send some sort of description of where to place the plants, and what type of requirements are preferred.
No grasses, wild/prairie flowers, invasive plants.

Ocean Springs, MS

I'm in-
Zone 8b
I love daylilies, self-seeding plants, full to part-shade perennials (love pinks and blues), any kind of tropical plant (especially tropical hibiscus), daturas, and brugs. Oh, and any kind of coneflower! No shade plants. thanks, julie

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Vancouver, WA(Zone 8a)

zone 8b
mostly shade to mostly sunny
no invasives, please. (that includes mint...thanks!)

I'm otherwise open to just about anything. Just started getting into hostas and don't have many, love heuchera, would like more blooming perennials. I do finally have a mostly sunny bed that could use some filling in. No grasses-I think WA has import restrictions on lots of them.

If possible, please don't give me a "tradee" who wants tropicals. I don't have any at all and know nothing about them. I would be very concerned about being able to send good trades that they don't already have.

I can hardly wait! This is going to be fun!


Naples, FL(Zone 10a)

I have dmailed - I realize I should have listed here.
I would like to be in.
I am in zone 10.
I want anything that is low growing (2 ft max), takes full sun and is NOT PINK.

(Ronnie), PA(Zone 6b)

I would love to join...

Z6 here in PA.

I love butterflies so any host or nectar plant would do...

Any color is fine...

More sun than shade but have spots for shade if need be...

No iris...daylily...bushes...trees...or vines

I would love to send to a new gardener ♥

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Reynoldsville, PA(Zone 6a)

my reason for no bulbs is i have noway to store them till fall planting. but things like amaryllis are fine because i force inside all winter in pots so it doesn't matter for them. i'm thinking others may not have a way to store also.

Rockton, PA

I am game.
Sun loving plants, zone 5, any colors any sizes.
No invasives aka ground covers.
Aline Huey

Gold Hill, OR(Zone 7a)

ghia_girl .... Yes please label plants. I know I like it when they are labeled.


De Soto, MO

I'd like to join. I am in zone 5b. I would like calla bulbs, roses, Purple Sensation allium's, Hosta's, day lilies or anything with color. No invasives please. I already have English Ivy taking over the house and these little white bells.

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Donna in Douglas, GA(Zone 8b)

Count me in!
gapeahen - zone 8

Sun - Part Shade
Butterflies & hummingbird favorites

This is really FUN, in 2004 I was in one for Hosta & Canna in 2006!
Secret Trades are the BEST!!


Mobile, AL(Zone 8b)

I'd like to join

Zone 6
Part Sun
I love daylilies and any colorful blooms. I would like to have more self seeding plants and light pink climbing roses . I don't care for hosta or canna.


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Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

I am in Zone 5
Sun or Shade or part-shade
No invasive
Any color but yellow - everyone is kidding me about too much yellow
Love iris, daylilies, hostas, asiatic lily, mums, actually if it is a plant I love it.

Rose Lodge, OR(Zone 8b)

Count me in.
Zone 5b-6a
Full sun to full shade
Any color, any plant, any time

Noblesville, IN(Zone 5a)

Count me in also:

Zone 5
Full shade but some Full Sun
Hosta - large growing-blue or any that are variegated
Anyone have T Rex Hosta LOL I know that is dreaming
oxalis yellow flowering
gold folliage plants
yellow rose-small roses
Shade fern

I love variegated folliage

I also like thimgs with big leaves

Hummingbird plants I would really like

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Wesley Chapel, FL(Zone 9a)

I'd like to be in.
Zone 9a.
Full sun.
Any plant, except invasives.
Surprise me.

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

Hi Kethy,
Please count me in.
I'm in Z 6
My yard have A M Full sun - part shade.
Love colors, Tropicals, anything odd,
Ferns,Oxalis, plants with big leaves
please no roses, vines,grasses.
look like This is going to be fun

Cary, NC(Zone 7b)

I'm interested:

zone 7b

Like:shrubs, sunny or partial shade, color doesn't matter, but wouldn't mind red. Would like drought tolerant, bird or butterfly feeding plants to.

Dislike: canna, ivy, invasives,tulips, full shade. Thanks.

Can't wait.

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Fillmore, NY(Zone 5a)

zone 5, sun, surprize me

Cordele, GA(Zone 8a)

I want to play!

Im in zone 8a.

Love butterfly and hummer nectar plants. Full sun is great. Drought tolerant is fine too.

Also have a fishing pond that could use more bog plants. I have enough cannas though.

Rankin, IL(Zone 5a)

Me tooooooo

I would love to be included. I am in Zone 5, anything from 3,4 or 5 is fine. Out in the country, wind and snow seem to lower my zone from the local city folk.

I am in need of companion plants for my hosta garden, so part shade to shade would be great, although I have plenty of sun gardens too.

No cannas, or ferns have plenty of both.

I am in desperate need (like that "need") an Oak leaf Hydranga, lol
Love those blues
Want to try roses, I have a few knock outs, love em.
Anything with variegated foliage
And have but do like just about any low growing sedum.
Edited to add, I too like the new cone flowers... have let my original perinnial bed turn to a neat Illinois Prairie type bed, so they would be great too.

With all that said, secret trades are so much like Christmas in the summer anything will do.

And with all the great stuff Summer has I wouldn't mind getting her..... specially if the hydrangas came back to life! lol


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Rose Lodge, OR(Zone 8b)

Ha ha, I hope I get Fran.
I will give her ... FERNS!

Hagerstown, MD(Zone 6a)

I'm in, zone 5b-6a (depends on the part of the yard)...

...Sorry about that, lunch needed tending to. I have lots of named irises and prefer to keep it that way (named that is). I have a smattering of named hostas and a few nameless, I'd love an eye or two of Orange Marmalade. Dahlias I am finding frustrating. Open to new non-invasive items (ie those needing planted in an underground tire or barrel to keep tame). Am discovering Peonies. I like name heuchera and ferns too. I discovered several years ago, the benefit of keeping names. So if it's named that's great.

I love the warm colors -- red, orange, yellow, burgundy wine, and an occasional hot pink. I like the cool tones to help neutralize all that heat...

NO MORNING GLORY RELATED items...sorry they are not my favorite plants, can you tell. :-)

I'm a little league-camping mom who is currently in the middle of camping season and all-star season. I have 4 sons and 3 cats (they do not get spoiled).

I don't know what more to say, but I'll edit here if I think of something.

Anyone wanting irises would be good name for me to get to send to...those I can provide.


This message was edited Jun 17, 2007 1:52 PM

Hanson, KY(Zone 6a)

Hi, Count me in.............sounds like fun!

I'm in zone 6a.

I especially love all the new coneflowers, would love any hostas, lilies, pond flowers or plants. Really just any perennial compatible with my zone....I love them all. Would prefer to receive only perennials that are hardy to my zone (6a).

As far as any dislikes......I have none...I'm very easy to please. I have yet to see a ugly flower.

Please no houseplants. I have the worse luck with houseplants.


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River Grove, IL(Zone 5a)

Sounds fun! Let's see..
Nothing hard to grow in zone 5, nothing I'd have to bring in for the winter, nothing invasive, no grasses, no hosta, no light pink peonies. Nothing orange or purple.

Sun or shade is fine. Especially nice...
I'd love burgundy/red/pink, or variegated foliage
I'd love vines, rebloomers, easy to care for roses

Pearisburg, VA(Zone 7a)

summerkid - i promise you WON"T get Fran!!!

Pearisburg, VA(Zone 7a)

Here is the list I have so far. Let me know if I've missed anyone. Still taking info until JUNE 22.

alinehuey 5 sun loving no ground cover or invasives
Captmicha 7a no bulbs, see trade list to see things she already has
cordeledawg 8a butterfly and hummer stuff, sun & drout tolerant ok, bog plants no canna
dbrooks 9b full sun part shade no pink, love cannas but no red, no grass or invasive or wild flowers, love tropicals!
dhemmer 6a
Diamond123 5b sun only, love tropicals, no bulbs no roses
Dispatcher 1 5b
dutchlady1 10a low growing 2 ft max full sun no pink
Elizabethtown 6a heuchera and ferns, love red, or, yellow, hot pink, no morning glory - would like to trade with someone who wants iris
frans530 5a something from zone 3,4, 5 part shade to shade, no canna or ferns, love oak leaf hydranga, roses,
froggies_girl 8b daylilies, self seeding plants, full sun/part sharde love pink and blue no shade love tropicals
gapeahen 8b sun part shade, plant for butterflies/hummers
happgarden 5 sun or shade, no invasives, no yellow, love iris, daylilies, hosta, mums,
HeyitsTammy 6b
jackieshar 7a no shade, houseplant, tropicals, seeds, cuttings, roses canna, ground covers
JanetS 7B no invasives
jocelynavon 5
jocelynavon 5
june_2007 5b calla bulbs, roses, alliums, hosta, daylilies. No ivy
laurish4 5a no grass, hosta, pink peonies, or or purples stuff. Sun items, vines, rebloomers easy care roses, no tropicals
lebug 6B no full shade or bulbs, no purple
luvsgrtdanes 6b wants to send to a new gardener
makshi 5a full shade, some full sun, hosta, lg blue or verigated, yellow flowers, gold foliage, yellow rose, ferns
marieortiz 9 bulbs vines tropicals
mellymass 5b anything
missg 6b morning full sun, part shade, love color, tripicals, odd things, big leaves, no roses no vines, no grasses
pollyk 6 love iris but anything - want to send plants to 4,5,6 zone
rainy_jane 6a condflowers, hosta, lilies, pond flowers/plants,
rebecca30 7b shrubs, sun or shade, like drought tolerant, bird/butterfly feeding, NO canna, ivy, tulips
roz 8B no full shade love brugs
scorpioangel 7a
Shihtzumom 6
shuggins 9 full sun, no pink
silkiechick 6a no bulbs
skaz421 9a full sun, no invasives Surpirse me
songsofjoy 5b
susybell 8b mostly shade no invasives no mint, love heuchera, no grass, hosta ok, blooming perennials
tggfisk 7b love colorful things sun or shade
tortoisekeeper 6 self seeding plants, daylilies, no hosta/canna

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Garner, NC(Zone 7b)

Boy, oh boy, s-mom...Do you have your hands full, or what??? Bless you.

Braselton, GA(Zone 7b)


Vancouver, WA(Zone 8a)

Wow! What happens if the number comes out uneven?

And, the notes by our names-are they how you're going to sort who to send to?

Greenville, IN(Zone 6a)

Now we know where she has been all of this time sorting all of this out! lol You are soo good girl! lol

Wichita, KS(Zone 6a)


Pearisburg, VA(Zone 7a)

susybell - it's not an even/odd thing. If 11 join I would match 11 with 11.

Each person that joins will get and send plants. I'm not sure how I will match this up at this point. I do plan on making sure the 'requests' for certain zones/plants/etc work out as best I can and I'll read over things several times before I make final decisions.

Let's see if I can do this or screw it up. LOL

YOU GUYS need to be thinking of things you can trade so when it's time and you get the name you need to send plants to - you do it promply.


Garner, NC(Zone 7b)

Hey, I've always got time to shop for NEW things, it necessary...Half for me, half for my new friend;) Isn't that the best rationalization to shop yet???

Rose Lodge, OR(Zone 8b)

Oh, Bev, I didn't want to be the one to say that!

I'm depressed about the drought & my garden failures this spring & all the plants that aren't in the ground yet so how do I make myself feel better? I went to the local nursery I worked at last year, where "Rhonda" gives me a break if the GH manager ain't around. Somehow she just doesn't notice some of the small stuff. (Believe me, she ain't ripping off the owner; I take stuff no one else is going to buy.)

Came home with some puny-looking squash & pepper plants among other things & Chrissy next door came over to see what I was pulling out of the trunk. Danged if she didn't go home with JUST enough plants to mean that I have to go BACK to the nursery tomorrow & maybe pick out some more plants, perhaps that pricey Heuchera Obsidian & maybe that hanging basket that really should be discounted. IT JUST GETS MY GOAT.

Sorry shihtzu ... guess I'm adding chat to yer thread & I KNOW you're one o' them prickly hostesses. Better not check my DMail for awhile.

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