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Charleston, SC

I had a great day Friday while at work. I found an undeveloped lot with daylilies blooming. I removed 7 clumps Friday. Planning to remove some each work day. I found an almost wild pink rose while at work too. It pays to keep an open eye while driving. Lots of bargains out there. Anyone else having good luck out there?

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

You have to be careful doing stuff like that--even if the lot is undeveloped somebody still owns it and might not appreciate people trespassing on their property and stealing plants.

Gladwin, MI(Zone 5a)

State land is bad too. They will fine you...yet on the edges of barely drivien roads there are tons of wildflowers, some protected and they will come along and mow them down when they are flowering. (makes me feel better about that wildflower boquet I picked)

Pocahontas, TN(Zone 7b)


A person after my own heart ... I call it "plant rescue" but I always get permission if it's on private property, developed or not, because I don't want a load of birdshot in the behind.

On the road right-of-way where they are going to be mowing it down or worse yet spray it with round-up, I'll take my chances with getting a ticket. (It might get interesting.) I don't dig on state or Gov't property cause I figure the plants are safe, I know that could very well be faulty logic, but I don't want to voilate any laws either.

Some states like FL have a very strict enforcement of no digging laws which I respect. I suppose it depends upon the state and location within the state.

Something else I've done is to knock on a door and ask about plants the owner has growing that are of interest. I'll work a trade or ask for a cutting. Be forewarned most people will talk your ear off about their plants, so plan to visit awhile.

I read on a DG thread that Craig's List and FreeCycle sometimes have listings of plants to give away. We're in the country so those websites aren't of value to me.

Later in the summer when people start to trim and thin there are often times plants or potential cuttings laying curbside.

Happy hunting,


Edited to add a PS.

I've read on DG threads of people who see landscapers out working and stop to ask if they can have the plants they are digging out, seems some people have gotten loads of plants that way.

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Charleston, SC

I've heard of people also asking landscaping crews for plants.

The property I dug the plants has never been developed and is overgrown with trash shurb and trees. There's never been a home there. I'm thinking the plants were dumped there. The owner/owners will be difficult to find as this is heirs property.

I rescued two evergreen shrubs Sunday that were set out for the garbage truck. The plants were wilted but with a dose of water have perked up. Things people throw away.

Pocahontas, TN(Zone 7b)

How wonderful, poor plants. I also collect bagged leaves during the fall for my compost pile, do you?


Gladwin, MI(Zone 5a)

I also hate to see beautiful small pines along the road. You know they are going to die from cutting, salt over the winter, or spraying. Yet it is illegal to dig them is crazy. I had my eye on a nice clump of wild orange daylillies. I went back the next day with a shovel and all there was was a hole. Looks like someone else had the same idea.
Good advice about the landscapers. Many good plants are just pulled up and ruined. I will have to check on that one.

Charleston, SC


I should do that but I don't. I have water oaks and live oaks in my yard and will have plenty of leaves to put around my new roses. I'm thinking of taking some cuttings from my double delight, blue girl, de rosechdt(?) and pink knockout. Have you or anyone else done this? I took a cutting off a wild climbing rose and now a leave has grown.

Pocahontas, TN(Zone 7b)

My DH, BigDaddy99, got into rooting in the Fall and did very well, BUT he was unable to take care of them when I got really sick, he had to "wait on me hand and foot", therefore only a 3 of them lived. I got a couple of cuttings a few weeks ago but didn't have any luck with them, I'm believing our drought was the cause. A neighbor down the road has about 40 rose bushes and they have told me I was welcome to take cuttings, so ...

Keep us updated on your rose rooting and I'll do the same.


Frankfort, KY

Our State Capitol plants red tulips before Derby Weekend. When they finish blooming they allow the public to dig them because they just toss the bulbs and start over next year.

Charleston, SC

Ky, That's great the city lets the cirtizens have them.

Charleston, SC

I will Judy and you do the same. Hoping you are feeling better. You have a god man there!

I was going to take some cuttings today after I cut the grass. But lo and behold it rain. Again. :) It rained last night too. We are having a drought here too.

Frankfort, KY

Drifting Dude: The city has nothing to do with it. The capitol is owned by the state. It is where the governor, congress, and the state courts do business. Also, the governor throws a large breakfast on Derby Day morning to which the public is invited. Our capitol grounds are beautiful.

Lindsay, OK(Zone 7a)

I dig through trash for plants, freecycle, and and other way I can.. I have been known to take cuttings from plants in empty lots and call/beg developers for plants that are on their property.

If I dig and not a cutting I do ask first... but seeds and cuttings are up for grabs to me..

Tampa, FL(Zone 10a)

I am a gardener who gets paid to garden. I am not a landscaper, I am a gardener.

I wish I could find people who would recycle the plants I remove or the excess stock I buy. I always have to buy a couple extra plants, in case something happens during the process of installing. It is very expensive to drive back to the wholesaler for a single 1 gallon plant, better to spend $10-15 than waste gas and an hour or more of time.

I do recycle what I can. I love it when people rake their leaves and put them in bags by the curb. I drive around with my trailer and truck empty and grab all I can. I have some beds that I have never had to weed or mulch. They are always the healthy, best looking plants too. And I get lots of free trash sacks, I have not had to buy a trash can liner in years.

I do 'rescue' plants and wildflowers, especially when they are making the highways wider. There is one section of road near Orlando that is going to be widened soon. That section of road has more Florida wildflowers growing along it than any public place I have seen. There are at least a 100 different species, flowering plants, ferns, even some succulents and cacti. I drive down that way about once a month and remove a sample of what ever is blooming or collect seeds. I have grasses that have bright colored flowers. I have never seen some of those plants anywhere else, many of the others I have seen in only one or two other places. I am getting quite a collection. I plant some of the low growing ones in some of the lawns at places I work, as a grass substitute. Some of the herbaceous ones I have been using in perennial beds. I will collect seeds when I can and then walk thru the roadsides and parks in my area and plant them (I don't just drop them, I plant the seed). I am trying to do more than just 'preserve' the plants, I want them to spread.

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Pocahontas, TN(Zone 7b)


What a wonderful, thoughtful gardener you are. I shall strive to be more like you in the future, our world needs and deserves more gardeners like you.


Charleston, SC


Thank you for your post. You have given me some ideas to become a better gardener.

Bluffton, SC(Zone 9a)

Dale I do that where ever I can. Everyone in the hood knows I take any unwanted plants. I'll do something with them or give them to someone who will. I also have gotten plants from hotels and plantations that were simply being changed out for something else. I've gotten some nice plants along the way.

I've also grabbed seeds off of plants and in a couple cases grabbed a cutting. LOL. I ask unless there is no one to ask.

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Pocahontas, TN(Zone 7b)

Snatch those seeds .... a couple of years ago, I was in a drive thru burger joint when within arm length there were seeds, seeds, seeds. As I paid for and picked up the burgers, I asked if I could make another drive thru to collect seeds and they said sure. lol lol What fun!!!

St. Louis County, MO(Zone 5a)

Recently I listed a whole bed of old fashioned daylilies free to the digger. I clearly marked the plants they were not to touch, and reminded them when they wrote for directions. Yesterday i went by and someone had taken everything, even my 10 year old hardy hibiscus plants. I will never do that again, I'm heartbroken. Some people just have to ruin it for others.

Gladwin, MI(Zone 5a)

Sorry to hear that. It only takes one bad one to spoil it for everyone. That is just rude. Here you are doing someone a favor and they take advantage. How can they live with themselves?

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