Peach Brady Miniature Rose...

San Diego, CA

Hi! I just bought a Peach Brady Miniature Rose and I have a couple of questions, the tag says it does well in containers, and is there anybody out there that has one of these roses and could really say that it does well in a pot? Also, when we put the rose in a pot, we accidentally ripped some of the roots off of the root ball and when we put it out, the roses and leaves were drooping :( so will my rose recover and will it do well in a container? thanks for any suggestions!

Olive Branch, MS(Zone 7b)

Roses of all kinds are suitable for container gardening. Just be sure your pot is large enough (18" for a mini) and that it's not clay, and doesn't have a saucer. Clay pots are too porous and lead to the soil drying out. Saucers will pool water at the roots and cause root rot. When you transplanted the rose, the damage to the roots caused it to go into shock. Water it and provide a bit of shade until it recovers.

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