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can anyone recomend a good small perenial grass zone 6?

Wallingford, PA

Can any one recomend a small perenial grass
Some of the small guys I've tried have been so messy they end up lookin like weeds.I am looking for somthing around 2 ft maybe with some beige or marroon coloring.

Great South Bay, Lon, NY(Zone 7a)

Check out Imperata cylindrica 'Rubra'.

Thumbnail by donn
McLean, VA(Zone 6b)

There are several carex that you might like as well. This is toffee twist. It is a little larger, and wider now. The picture is about a month old. I like blood grass as well.

Thumbnail by pennefeather
Wallingford, PA

thanks, both of those look really nice . I will try them out.

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