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Lenexa, KS(Zone 6a)

Dave ~

Would it be possible to get a "next photo" and "previous photo" link added when you're viewing a photo in a landscape? Maybe I missed it, but the back button on the browser is wearing me out. Makes it feel like there is not continuity between the photos in a landscape collection.

I think this might have been requested early on in's beginning and maybe it's on the back burner.


Lenexa, KS(Zone 6a)

Dave - saw the new "preview" design for and see this is covered. Thx! Can't wait for the live version.

Yes, we were working on that and I forgot to let you know (sorry about that). I'm excited to "launch" There are so many beautiful photos...


Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I was about to suggest this feature, but it looks like maybe it was supposed to be there already? All I see when I'm looking at the enlarged version of the individual photos in a landscape is a link to go back to the overview page for that landscape. It would be great to have next/previous links so you could flip through the enlarged photos without having to go back and forth to the overview page with all the thumbnails.

The other things I was going to suggest are
1) would it be possible to display the captions for each picture on the overview page where you can see all the thumbnails for a particular landscape
2) would it be possible to have a watch feature so you can be notified when a landscape you like is updated (maybe this is already there and I missed it)


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