impatiens? Has anyone ever saved seeds from them?

Orange Park, FL

Today, in the garden, I saw what appeared to be a seed pod on my impatiens plant. I picked it off, and as I did so, it exploded in my hand. So I very carefully picked another seed pod and very lightly rolled it between my fingertips. That one exploded too, and jumped out of my fingertips.
Soooo, I carefully picked another one and placed it in a plastic container along with one of the flowers from the plant. Here's a photo of the seed pod before it explodes.

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Orange Park, FL

Sooo, I picked another seed pod and gently rolled it til it exploded. Here's a photo of the seed pod and 2-3 dozen seeds that popped out of the center of the pod.

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Orange Park, FL

I just never have seen anything like it. But in fairness, this particular implatiens plant was in a flower bed in the garden and managed to overwinter because we had a really mild winter. Could be that they need 2 good years of growth before they produce some good seeds. This plant is about 2' accross and 12-14" tall and is growing in good dirt that never dries out.

Sydney, Australia

It may be your climate or lack of pollinaters ,because usually impatiens have heaps of seeds.....they are called impatiens because they are impatient to to "pop" and spread.....the only thing I can think of is perhaps some hybrids may be infertile.Put something around the pod to catch the exploding a paper bag.They grow so easily from cuttings that you don't need to "catch" the seeds unless you want to have fun with different colours.:)

Orange Park, FL

Hey Chrissy, how are you? It's not that I was really interested in saving those teeny weeny seeds. Shoot, it's so darn cheap, and much simpler, to just buy a whole flat of 3" seedlings every year. I just was surprised when the seed pod, which I had never seen before, exploded in my hand. The plants seem so meek and mild, and just content to hide in shady/semi-shady areas. Never figured them to be violent propagators. Ya learn something new every day.
Apparently, you already knew how the seed pods explode. I've grown them off and on for going on 30 years now, and I never knew how vicious they were. Give them another half million years of evolution and they will be shooting out BB's hard enough to take your head off. (Reminds me of an old Star Trek episode). :-)

Sydney, Australia

D'day ...nice to meet you....well here in Australia we are experiencing a terrible thing....our really exotic new impatiens are all dropping dead from some new megga fungus....everyone here in NSW are turning to the old fashioned ones ...hunting for those exploding seed pods in desperation because the impatiens are disappearing....who would ever have thought of such a thing! The last flats of beautiful impatiens that I bought last spring just shrivelled up in about a week....and I have always grown impatiens to the point of them almost being weeds we are all hunting the seeds.I sure hope that super fungus does not come your way.I think mother nature is amazing ...this dear litlle plant flings it's seed off around the place to give them a good chance of surviving in similar conditions to it's mother plant: but not that close or too far in case too and crowded or not shady enough to survive I guess....and yes we never stop learning until the day we "buy the farm" "push up daisys"
Khark it.....kick the bucket....etc *:^))))*

Canyon, TX(Zone 6b)

I have a red impations plant on my porch, and I never knew it had a sweet fragerance to them! LOL But while I was watering them and it hit me! LOL

The only other things on my porch are Petunias, Bouganvilla, a Hybiscus tree, and two new Reiger Begonias!

It really likes being pot bound as well! Man how it has growen! LOL

My Vinca which looks like the flower in your picture has taken off as well! It growes out of the ground though like a Violate grows out of it's pot! LOL

Maybe I just did not get it deep enough but it is very happy as well!

I have never seen seed on either of them though so I learned something as well! I think I will go and see if mine has seed on it!

San Fernando, CA

Wow!! what a coincidence.....just this afternoon I was watering my impatiens and noticed those little pods too. I was wondering what they were, but now thanks to your thread I too learned something new :) being a begginer in gardening this comes to me as something fun. I have a doubt though? How do you grow from cuttings? please can somebody help?

Sydney, Australia

They "catch'' very easily just use a sandy mix and a warm shady place ...they even grow roots in water....don't worry one of the easiest things to strike.:)

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